Have you ever though about how to lose weight fast without exercising.In as much as losing weight involves exercising and eating healthily, not every Tom, Dick and Harry loves exercising to lose weight. But I know you’ve not just made exercise your pethate for nothing. You certainly have some good reason behind not venturing in it for weight loss.

Exercise itself is healthy, and not just meant for weight loss alone, isn’t it? So, you don’t have to curl up in the couch just because I said there’s an alternative for weight loss rather than exercising. No! You still need exercise for a healthy heart and more.

Here is a guide to losing weight without exercise. All these methods have been scientifically proven to be working. If one doesn’t fit you, you can choose another that does so. I’m sure one will work for you if not another. Let’s go.

1. Always Chew Your Food Slowly And Thoroughly

You should adopt this habit. It helps us lose weight this way;

The body needs time to know that you have eaten enough. Usually, scientists say it is 20 minutes. When you eat slower, you will only end up eating a smaller portion than you would. That smalls portion may help you cut down the amount of calories you eat and as a result, you create a calorie deficit in your body. The calorie deficit is the basis for losing weight.

2. Eat Fiber-Rich Food

Fiber is known to increase satiety. However, there are are different types. I like one known as the “viscous fiber”.

Viscous fiber has the effect of satiety for a longer time than any other. When it comes in contact with water, it usually forms a gel. The gel lengthens the time it takes for nutrients to be absorbed. That clearly delays emptying of the stomach… another way to reduce the amount of unhealthy foods, especially calories that you eat. Let’s move on.

3. Serve Unhealthy Foods On Smaller Plates And Healthy Ones On Bigger Plates

That explains itself though I must elaborate it better.

Unhealthy foods include foods with little or no protein, food with more calories, those deprived of fiber… and more. They will never let you achieve your goal. Serving them on smaller plates tricks your brain that you are eating more. As a result, you get to feel satisfied faster.

On the other hand, serving healthy foods like those with little or no calories will help you move closer to losing weight fast.

4. Eat Alongside No Distractions

Eating while watching T.V or playing some computer games will make you lose track of the amount of calories you eat. You will just pick any food and throw it into your mouth mindlessly. That doesn’t lt you lose weight the way you want.

5. Take More Protein

I want to explain how eating more protein helps us lose weight automatically and cut down on calories unconsciously.

Protein boosts metabolism. A more efficient metabolism rate burns more fat.

Protein boosts the feeling of fullness too. That helps us feel less hungry thus we can eat less calories.

6. Brush Your Teeth After Every Meal

If that sweet calorie you ate still lingers on your tooth an you can still feel it with your tongue, you are most likely to rush back to get more.

So by brushing your teeth, you are keeping it out of taste and out of mind. Moreover, that minty taste discourages the urge for more food.

7. Get Enough Sleep

So you think you can it down on carbs, eat more protein, eat more fiber and get away just that way with weight loss without including quality sleep? You’re wrong pal.

Sleep helps us relieve stress and that is an important way of avoiding the production o ghrelin, a hunger hormone. More effects are there too. Take a look at what lack of sleep does;

A). Makes us feel more hungry.

B). Doesn’t allow us recover from exercise, if we had to do some.

C). Cripples our metabolism.

D). Makes us not have the willpower to control intake of unhealthy foods.


We have gone through to some of the best points about how to lose fast without exercising that you can apply it very easily.We learn that chewing food slowly and thoroughly, taking more fiber, … , sleeping and more all helps you lose weight fast. But not all these seven will work for you. The choice is yours now. Make the ultimate best choice by giving each a try to see which one yields the best results. Goodbye!