Gaining weight is as healthy as losing it, depending on your BMI (Body Mass Index). Today, I choose to educate you about the ultimate best natural ways of gaining weight to avoid the negative effects of a BMI less than 18.5, termed as “underweight”.

An underweight individual is at risk of having problems of fertility, getting osteoporosis, early death, and even more. To mean, it can even be more dangerous than being obese.

The causes of this condition are numerous, including diseases and eating disorders as the main ones. That’s why you need to have the following natural ways to gain weight in just a week at your fingertips.

1. Consume More Calories Than Your Body Loses

Consume More Calories Than Your Body Loses

Gaining or losing weight is a game of calories. Gaining weight is all about creating a calorie surplus. Creating a calorie deficit means the opposite. So you need more calories to put on more weight. You can do this in a number of ways.

Talk to an expert about calorie-rich foods. Take them in. Then? Don’t do too much cardio that will only end up burning them again. Instead, do weight training and see how it helps in point#2 below.

2. Do Weight Training

Do Weight Training

Start weight lifting exercises to gain more weight. It works this way;

To begin with, weight lifting enhances your appetite. This will make it easier for you to take in more calories. Secondly, it converts the extra calories into muscle masses rather than unhealthy fats. This improves your health. Likewise, lifting weights will improve tour metabolism.

Ensure that you aim at lifting more and more weights with time, as you get stronger. You can also talk to your doctor first about it as you may have skeletal problems.

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3. Eat More Proteins

Eat More Proteins

Take high-calorie foods like meat, eggs, fish, dairy products, … the list is long. You can also use protein supplements.

Proteins form the building blocks of your muscle weight. Instead of just gaining fat, which is unhealthy, you need to gain weight through your muscles. However, proteins are also dangerous, they can reduce your hunger. Take healthy proteins.

4. Avoid Water Before Meals

Avoid Water Before Meals

Don’t drink water before eating anything. Remember, you’re aiming at eating more food, hence more calories but water will fill your stomach earlier. When that happens, you’ll consequently eat less food, hence less calories, which we are aiming at eating more. Otherwise, remember that you must take water after meals to stay healthy as you gain weight.

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5. Take In More Fruits

Take In More Fruits

Some fruits like mangoes, pineapples, bananas, and papayas have great amounts of sugar that add instant calories to your body. Avocados are also a great sour e of the calories.

Take in more and more of them. If you find it quite boring to take any of these fruits plain, you can blend them to enhance their taste.

6. Use Larger Plates

Use Larger Plates

Weight losers are usually advised to use smaller plates because they need to control the amount of calories they take in by controlling the portion of food they eat. The opposite is true.

There’s a direct proportion between the amount of calories taken in and the amount of food eaten. The only way to trick your body into eating more is by using larger plates. You’ll end up eating more calories as well. More calories automatically leads to weight gain.


The best way to live healthily is maintaining a healthy BMI. If you’re underweight and you just read through the tips above, consider yourself lucky. Remember; consistency must be observed! All in all, this is the ever best way to fast-track putting on weight naturally. Start now!