So how to build muscle fast and lose weight simultaneously and without wasting time? No need to worry. There is a way out as you are in safe hands. Read on for more…

It is true that you can have the body involved in a loss and gain state at the same time. Yes! I know it sounds quite complicated, like chasing two birds at the same time. But look, the body basically works the way it is trained. So if you train your body to lose weight/fat and at the same time involve it in workouts that leads to muscle gain, it will respond, provided that you are doing the surefire moves and you are also feeding on the right diet. Let’s see how.

Below are the most ideal moves to be done by ONLY those who want to gain muscle and lose weight at the same time. Lets go.

1. Do HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training has been scientifically proven to burn more fat than the slower exercises. I mean, sitting at some corner in the gym, doing some workout will only build your muscle mass and not burn you a significant amount of fat. HIIT on the other hand burns fat in your body, even 24 more hours to come, after you had stopped doing the exercise itself. It helps you build a good mass of muscles as it works almost all your muscles if you make the right choice of HIIT.

2. Do Circuit Training

Circuit training, which is alternating between workouts, helps us achieve this goal. Asking how? Let’s take for example today: in the morning, you do some cardio that burn fat then, in the evening, you embark on strength training to build muscle. At the end of the day, you shall have lost a desirable amount of fat, which helps you lose weight, and built a significant mass of muscles too. If you repeat that thrice or four times a week, you will realize results in just three months!

3. Combine Calorie Restriction With Weight Training

Burning more calories than you eat leads to weight loss. If you can restrict yourself to consume a number of calories that you are sure you can burn more of it, then you shall be at a position to know the number of pounds you can lose in a day. That helps you lose weight.

On the other hand, if you combine the above with weight training, you are gaining muscles at the same time. Remember, if you take a small number of calories, even the weight training itself can burn the required number for weight loss as you gain muscles.

4. Cardio

Cardiovascular exercises are great for burning fat and building muscles as well. Take for example cycling and sprinting outdoors. They both have the ability to burn a good amount of fat and help you build muscles too. You can also do them in HIIT form. However, you may need to combine them with some weight training for best outcomes.

5. Be Consistent

Always with a goal ahead of you, you need to do something again and again. For each of the above moves, you have to repeat them and that’s when you will realize best results. One attempt only can’t make a change.


We have gone through all the important points on how to build muscle fast and lose weight and we already have discussed it above.All that said, I’m expecting that you have already started. If not, do so, now! Good luck!