Grenoble. Swimmable lake in Villeneuve: a “dangerous utopia”


In theory, the project of the swimmable lake in the Jean-Verlhac park has everything to seduce the inhabitants of the area. More depth in the lake, more security (lifeguards), and no more leaks in the tub. Yes, but that’s only on paper. Because since the first consultative meetings organized by the city, a little discontent is slowly building up.

Many residents of the area, some of whom have lived there for 40 years, are currently organizing to found a group opposed to the swimmable lake project, funded by the metro, the city and ANRU (National Agency for Urban Renewal). this is the last one, Still in the study phase, it should cost several million euros , in particular because the existing structure, of concrete, would be destroyed. “It’s very damaged, there are leaks everywhere,” explains Chloe Bantle, Deputy Sheriff of Sector 6. On the other hand, “to demolish a sump costs an arm for …


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