‘Good decision’ but no ‘tangible consequences’: Doubts in Ukraine after ICC arrest warrant against Vladimir Putin


The International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin for war crimes: accusing the Russian president of the “illegal deportation” of Ukrainian children. Kievans rejoice at this, without any illusions.

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Thibaut Lefevre and Eric Oudra – Edited by Jay Registe


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A picture of Vladimir Putin at a demonstration in Paris on July 16, 2022. (XOSE BOUZAS / HANS LUCAS)

The ICC issued on Friday, March 17th An arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin Accusing him of being responsible for war crimes, the kidnapping of children and the illegal transfer of Ukrainians to Russia is a decision heavy in symbolism. As soon as the news spread, Yana’s phone rang: “It was my father who called me. He was very happy, very happy. He told me that from now on we can arrest Putin. Will it change for us?” He told me to be patient.

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In Kiev, this declaration is a form of acknowledgment of the suffering we have endured since the beginning of the war, but there are still doubts on the streets of the Ukrainian capital and very serious doubts about the tangible results of such a decision. Her father is excited but Yana is more suspicious.

“I’m a realist, I expect concrete actions and real actions, and it’s not just that we’re indignant.”

The tune was Friday evening on the streets of Kiev. The Ukrainian capital was bombed last week, and the dead soldiers are honored everywhere and in particular on a large wall of memory. Serhiy has the impression of subduing Vladimir Putin’s war in concrete form, but he does not believe in the end of the conflict, nor in a possible condemnation of the Russian leader. “To be honest with you, I’m sure he’s well hidden somewhere, surrounded by his clan, and no one knows where he is and It will not be turned off. It’s a good decision, but there will be no tangible consequences.”

Syrhi, like all Ukrainians he says, is considering a tougher measure: simply being Russia’s president “executed”.

ICC Arrest Warrant Against Putin: Passion Measured in Ukraine – Reporting by Thibaut Lefebvre and Eric Audra

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