Fuel shortage: 3% of service stations are difficult, 18% in Bouches-du-Rhône


Fuel has stopped leaving French refineries since Tuesday, March 7. Mike Fock – stock.adobe.com

fig data – CGT has shut down some refineries since March 7 in protest of pension reform. What is the situation with the pump in your department?

Are the queues in front of petrol stations back? After five months of strikes at French refineries, A new social conflict disrupts the supply at the pump. In question: These same refiners are crippled by the CGT for chemistry to oppose Pension reform. Since March 7, there is no more fuel coming out of these production sites. The result at the moment is not very clear at the pump: 3% of service stations in the country do not contain, at the moment, petrol (SP 98, SP95, E10), or diesel, according to fig data.

As with last October, the difficulties vary greatly depending on the department you’re in. In Bouches-du-Rhône, approximately 18% of distribution sites are completely or partially unavailable. Neighboring regions such as Gard (15.4%) and Vaucluse (11.4%) were also affected. Another affected department, Loire-Atlantique had approximately 14% of its service stations “in trouble” heading into the weekend. In the Paris region, only the Hauts-de-Seine department showed a significant rate, with 6.4% of pumps partially or completely broken.

However, TotalEnergies, which operates more than half of the country’s refineries and a third of service stations, states that its main inventory “high level“and that he has”The teams are mobilizing to meet demand that can be more sustainable than usualIn addition, only a few depots, out of 200 in France, are blocked in Ambès (Gironde) as in Donges (Loire-Atlantique).

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Slightly higher prices

On the price side, the refinery block movement caused a slight jump. Thus, gasoline rose by two cents this week, with a liter of 98 Syrian pounds settling just under 2 euros, at 1.99 euros. However, it is a dime more than the beginning of the year, under the influence of the end of rebates granted by the government and TotalÉnergies. Diesel was also more expensive this week but still below its January 2023 level. It averaged €1.85 per liter on Friday.

methodology: For national or regional numbers, we used public data available at prix-carburants.gouv.fr (annual files), which concentrates declarative data for service stations. Only service stations in France with sales of more than 500 million are taken into account.3 of petroleum products annually, with the exception of E85 and LPG, which are used less.

We have considered that a station normally distributes fuel if it announces at least one shortage or price difference in 2023 for that fuel. Like the Department of Energy Transition, we’ve deemed a place of supply not to run out of gasoline if it’s still running on at least one of the three types of that fuel: SP-98, SP-95, and E10.

A station is considered “in trouble” if:

  • A total rupture occurs at 1:00 pm on all types of fuel distributed (gasoline or diesel).
  • It’s partially out of service at 1 p.m. – with either petrol or diesel – when both usually dispense.

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