Fuel Allowance: You have until March 31st to claim it


The €100 aid that replaces the discount at the pump can be claimed until March 31st. Here’s everything you need to know to apply.

In 2023, the €100 fuel allowance took over the widely practiced pump rebates in 2022. By definition, more targeted aid, aimed at “low-income” workers who use their cars for professional purposes.

while Specific date The application deadline was set for February 28, it was It has been delayed until midnight on March 31. As of March 13, Percy mentioned 6.5 million requests foot , out of 10 million eligible people.

How to apply?

The application must be submitted by date This page is for Impots. You can in advance Test your eligibility and see the requirements here.

Among the conditions, you must have worked in 2021, as the help is generated from the 2022 tax notice, relating to 2021 income.

The vehicle can be two, three or four wheeled, thermal and/or electric. But it cannot be a service or company vehicle, as the fuel costs are covered by the business owner.

You must also belong to a tax household whose tax reference income per unit of income for 2021 is less than or equal to €14,700. To get it, you have to look at the first page of your tax notice and divide the tax reference income by the number of units.

The form will ask for your tax number, registration number, and formula number (located in the bottom left of the gray card).

Toll free number available

Once the application is submitted, it takes two weeks to receive the compensation. The assistance can be awarded to every member of the same household who meets the eligibility criteria (not one assistance per tax household).

Bercy has set up a toll-free number (0806000229) to answer applicants’ questions, help them apply, let them know if they don’t qualify, and inform them of the progress of their file.


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