So what are these 7 foods that can kill you. There are many vegetables and fruits that we consume every day, and we have no idea how dangerous some of them could be for us. A variety of foods have toxic parts in them that can harmful to the human body, and some of them could be fatal if they are not cleaned and cooked properly.

Here is a list of 7 foods that can kill you if you are not careful:

1. Potatoes

One of the most common vegetables consumed around the world, potatoes have some parts that can be harmful to our body. Their leaves and stems are poisonous, and they have a defense system to repel bugs and parasites.

When exposed for a long time to sunlight, potatoes will turn green and they will start to emanate a toxin named solanine. Consumption of green potatoes, or potato spuds and leaves, can cause severe stomach aches, vomiting, and it can even be fatal.

2. Peanuts

Peanuts are a common type of food that can be found in many sauces and cereals. They can be very dangerous for someone who has an allergy to them. Peanuts can induce someone into an anaphylactic shock that will cause chest tightness, heavy breathing, and even loss of consciousness.

3. Plums And Cherries

Plums and cherries, also known as stone fruits, are sweet and small fruits popular in the summer. Even if they are tasty and they come with many health benefits, you should always keep in mind that their seeds can be dangerous.Inside their seeds, there is a substance that generates cyanide.

Cyanide can cause dizziness and headaches if it’s consumed in small doses, and it can be fatal if bigger doses are consumed.

4. Crustaceans And Shellfish

Some people can have a bad reaction to the food allergens found in crustaceans and shellfish based foods. Allergies caused by this type of food can lead to gastrointestinal problems, swell tongue and lips, dizziness, and breathing problems.

5. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are the main ingredients in many recipes. However, some types of mushrooms can be very toxic, and they have some similarities with the edible ones. It is recommended to avoid at all cost poisonous mushrooms because they can cause organ failure, gastrointestinal problems, convulsions, and they can even cause death.

6. Hot-Dogs

Many types of research prove that hot-dogs are a huge health risk, and they can cause many health problems if they are consumed in excess. However, hot-dogs are proven to be dangerous in other aspects too. Because of their shape, hot-dogs are known to be a choking hazard for many people, especially young children.

7. Fish

Mercury poisoning is among the most common medical problems caused by food consumption, and that’s because fish is one of the most consumed foods around the world. Fish species that have higher mercury levels are swordfish, tuna, sharks and marlins. Mercury poisoning can lead to high blood pressure, vision problems, memory loss, depression, and nerve damage.


As we learned foods that can kill you from this list, many types of food can be harmful to our body. However, we can easily avoid those complications and health problems if we always wash and cook our food properly and if we eat each type of food in moderation.