20 minute fat burning yoga workout that any beginner can start it without thinking too much and can get better results with it. Yoga can provide many benefits for the health of body and mind; strengthen muscles, and increase the body flexibility. In addition, practicing yoga on a regular basis is also proven to effectively help you to lose weight.

Unfortunately, for some people, practicing yoga on a regular basis is something that is difficult to do due to time constraints. Therefore, in this article we will share some tips on practicing yoga without much time. You just practice for 20 minutes (regularly of course) and you will be able to burn your fat in significant amounts!

Our tips are mainly for beginners. But if you are a yoga practitioner, maybe our tips can help enrich your experience.

The following yoga poses are pretty easy to do in the morning before you work:

1. Boat Pose

This pose is commonly called Navasana and is one of the oldest poses. To do Navasana, you need to lift your legs up to a 45 degree angle (from the floor surface).

When you have reached the point of balance, touch your knee joint with both hands. Some practitioners suggest doing this pose for one minute but for the beginner, surviving for 30 seconds is pretty good.

2. Bridge Variation

Also known as Setu Bandha Sarvangasana, this pose is slightly more complicated than Boat Pose. This pose begins by lying on your back, followed by bending one knee to form a “triangle.”

Use the upper back (near the shoulder) as a support point when you lift your legs. Perform this pose with two legs (alternately). If possible at least last 30 seconds.

3. Plank Pose

This pose has another name “Phalakasana.” Quite easy to do but gives a big effect on burning fat, this pose is very popular by beginners.

To perform this pose, place it on both palms (on a mat) and angle about 30 degrees (between the slope of your body and the surface of the mat). Stand in this position for at least 2 minutes and do this every day until you find your fat is significantly reduced.

4. Superman Pose

This pose forms a kind of arch and is the most difficult compared to the other poses above. Known as Viparita Shalabhasana, this pose works by lifting the head up to the chest up together by lifting both legs up.

The pedestal used is the pedestal on the abdomen. If possible, hold this position for up to one minute but the minimum recommended time is 30 seconds and just by doing this pose for half a minute, we can burn fat effectively.

5. Half Moon Pose

This pose is done with two pedestals; one foot and one hand on the same side. Doing this is pretty easy, as you have to tilt your body to form a “horizontal rod” with one leg and one hand as two pedestals.

This pose is quite tiring but very effective for beginners who do not have much time to practice yoga. In India, this pose is called Ardha Candrasana. Do it on two sides and take at least half a minute on each side. The longer the better.


Actually there are still some other poses that can be inserted in 20 minutes of practicing yoga to burn fat effectively but the five poses above are enough as long as the poses are done regularly. I, personally, used to do the five poses on each of the four times in turn. That way I only need about 20 minutes to burn my fat. So far I managed to lose my weight from 85 kg to 75 kg in just 2 months! Just try it!