Famous Marathi actor Bhalchandra Kulkarni has passed away at the age of 88


Death of Bhalchandra Kulkarni: Famous Marathi actor Bhalchandra Kulkarni died Saturday morning at his home in Kolhapur. He was 88 years old. He has done more than 250 films in his acting career. Some of these films were Hindi films and most of them were Marathi films.

Kolhapur-based film activist Arjun Nalawade said, “He complained of shortness of breath two days ago. Subsequently, he was admitted to a private hospital and discharged on Friday. His health deteriorated again on Saturday morning and he passed away.”

Bhalchandra Kulkarni has acted in many plays and films.
During his career spanning four decades, Bhalchandra Kulkarni has acted in numerous plays and television serials. He first started acting in Folk Play in 1965. He called himself a producer of Tamasha, the traditional form of theater in Maharashtra. Kulkarni has acted in popular Marathi films like Songadya, Pinjara and many more. Bhalchandra Kulkarni has been a landmark in the Marathi film industry with a supporting role.

He was away from the field of acting for many years Bhalchandra Kulkarni
In the last four or five decades of his career, Bhalchandra Kulkarni has played powerful roles in many films like Asala Navara Nako Gun Bai, Pinjra, Bombay Cha Jawai, Songadya, Thirthrat and Pahrak. Bhalchandra Kulkarni is best known for his supporting role, but he has been away from the acting field for the past several years. A few months back, he was honored with the Brand Kolhapur Lifetime Achievement Award.

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