Exhibition selection: Chloé Delarue at Frank Elbaz


View of an exhibition

The memory of moss-paved stones lies on the ground, like the dinosaur skin of an ancient city; Tomorrow’s Faces is trying to impose itself on the screens, to look like an artificial intelligence version. Chloé Delarue’s entire world oscillates between these two poles, before she attempts to save traces of resin with strokes of latex molds; After that it already looks outdated, with its leathered engines bodies and outdated screens. In the beautiful space of Galerie Franck Elbaz, the Geneva artist publishes a kind of story of anticipation whose sole algorithm is not poetry. Plants are born from 3D printers, stainless steel vats launch bullet octopuses, and cool shadows walk straight into a lost future. All practice a bewildered lurch, as if we were exploring the laboratory of an archaeologist from the 25th century, amazed that our scientist had left some traces.

“Fulfillment.” Sycamore Bunny (Give Them Love the Second Night)”. Galerie Franck Elbaz, 66, rue de Tourian, Paris 3H. until April 15th. From Tuesday to Saturday, from 11 am to 7 pm Galeriefrankelbaz.com


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