Have you done an any exercises to burn fat fast.I desperately need exercises that can help me out of this mud of “no-results”. I have been doing exercises ~ exercises that claim to burn fat all over my body. I don’t know how long I need to wait for extra fat to surrender away from my body. I have lost my patience and I must now change my course. Which exercises do I shift to?… That must be a monologue flying in your mind. Keep calm and stay tuned if you really need help.

Below is a list of 10 exercises which will actually help you, hands down. The fact that they have always been used to flush out fat by many individuals and for long support this. They don’t gamble with burning fat in you, they burn it!

1. Mountain Climbers

Set your body in the standard pushup pose, feet hip width apart. Then bring your left knee up towards the left elbow. Quickly return it and now bring the right knee towards your right elbow. Keep alternating them, as quickly as you can. Do five reps for one leg and five for the other to balance. That’s one set. Do 5 such sets and call it a day.

2. Pool Chaos Cardio

This one involves running against currents in water. All you have to do is keep your body upright, that is, your ears, shoulders and hips should stay in a straight line while you run.

Start by creating the currents by running in a zigzag pattern in the pool. Then, run in a straight line across all the currents you created. Do a 3-minute interval.

3. Fat-Tire Biking

This is yet another strenuous exercise that needs strength and persistence. You get to peddle the heavy-to-move bike through different terrain and that works all your body parts. It guarantees fat burning throughout your body.

4. Pool Plank

This is done in water too. It requires little upper body strength. Lets do it;

Stand in the pool floor and hold a water log vertically in both hands. Press it vertically down and lean yourself forward until your body gets on an even incline. Keep your head out of water. Hold for 1.5 minutes, rest and repeat.

5. Dancing

This is a way of burning fat while having fun! Dancing is an exercise too. It works every part of your body thus burns fat all over. Dancing also boosts both your physical and mental health, not to forget your stamina. So whether you like hip hop, salsa it jazz, just play it and do the dance. You will lose fat!

6. Sprints

Sprinting is a cardiovascular exercise that helps us burn a great deal of fat in our bodies. By just doing 4 sets a day, we are well of with it. Start by identifying a slightly raised terrain. All you have to do is run up the track at top speed, for around 120 metres an then return down while walking to gather more strength. Once down, run up again, five times.

If you do it that way for 3 days a week, I’m sure you will start seeing the changes that will please you.

7. Plank Ups

I used to hate planks. They are hard to do and required a lot of my strength. However, I sometimes did it since I found it senseless to survive fat burning without it. So I had to do it and before I could get to love it, all the fat was gone!

8. Single-Arm Overhead Press

With your feet a hip width apart, stand, holding a kettbell or dumbells on your right hand at shoulder height. Keep your elbow tucked near your trunk an avoid flaring it out. While engaging your core, press up the bell overhead. Once up highest (at arm length), lower it down with control to the original starting position. Five reps for the right and another five for the let are enough to call it a day.

9. Kickboxing

Of late, kickboxing has gained popularity due to its effects on body fat. It fall under cardio exercises. Apart from just learning specific skills by performing the amalgamation of martial arts, aerobic training and boxing, you get to burn fat due to tg large amount of energy demanded.

10. Jumping Ropes

You probably did this for fun sometimes back when you were young. You couldn’t realise its effects on the body at that moment. Now, you will do it again, but not for fun. You will change the way you used to jump, swing the ropes and the speed of jumping. For example, you don’t have to jump too high the way you used to do. Just jump low enough, just to allow the rope to pass under your legs.

If done right, jumping ropes can melt away fat from your body without you even realising.


So now do these above exercises to burn fat fast.You aren’t only burning time there instead of fat if you haven’t started them. Get up and work out right to get the right results. Enjoy the burn. Good luck!