What are the exercises for a flat tummy that can be done quickly and easily.Everyone needs a flat belly. Do you need us too? You have to work for it. Flat belly exercises have more benefits apart from the beauty they add to your body. They can help you reduce weight, strengthen your muscles and get flexible… and so much more…

Now, hands up if you need a flat belly. Is your hand up? I feel for you and that’s why I am here to help you find it so easily. These 7 exercises will target your core so that you end up with the flat and sexy belly you have ever been dreaming of. They are easy to do and if you stay focused, you will even enjoy doing them.

1. Ab Rollout

An an roller or barbell is necessary for this exercise. Those with back problems, please stay off this one a bit. Lets go.

Have the ab roller in your hands and kneel down on the floor. Place the ab roller on the floor in front of you, holding it with both hands. Your palms should be facing away from you. Roll it out forward as you stretch your body forward too. Go as low as possible as you inhale but don’t let your body touch the ground. Keep your core tight. Don’t allow your back to sway. Once at your lowest position, pause for two seconds and tighten your abs again as you roll back to your original position. Repeat again and again.

2. Leg Lowers

Lie face-up and raise your legs high into the air. As you keep your lower back attached to tg floor, slowly lower your legs back towards the floor, keeping them straight. The legs don’t necessarily have to touch the floor. Make sure you engage your abs as you do this. Lift them again, still engaging your abs. Do a minimum of 10.

3. T-rotations

Start in the full plank pose. Now rotate so that tour left arm lifts to the air above your left shoulder as your weight gets shifted to the right arm. Slowly lower back again and do the same for the other side so that your right hand now lifts above the right shoulder. Throughout the exercise, your shoulders should stay steady as you be keen not to lift your hips too high.

4. Windmills

Stand and hold a dumbell in your right hand, keeping its weight right below your right shoulder. Turn out your left knee and toe. Keep your feet more than a shoulder width apart. Alidedown your left hand to inside your left leg as you press your hips towards your right. You should do that with the hips as the pivot. Use your right hanside oblique to reinstate to the original position and do the same for the other side. Repeat 15 times at least.

5. Skipping

This sounds simple but has very great effects on your belly. It works your rectus and transverse abdominis as well as your obliques.

When you are doing the skipping, you ought to follow some simple rules to get the maximum results. Some of these rules include the fact that you should use only your wrists to turn that rope. You should jump only just some very few centimeters off the ground, only for the rope to pass. Your heels shouldn’t touch the floor either.

6. Plank With Leg Lift

Set yourself in the plank pose as you rest on your forearms. As you engage your glutes, lift up with one feet slightly raises off the ground. Flex the raised foot in the process. Do 10 and switch sides for another 10.

7. Inchworms

Stand on the yoga mat, feet a hip distance apart. Bend forward and stretch your hands so that they reach the floor, palms touching down. Now walk tour hands to the front, approximately a foot at a time. Do that to the full plank pose. Engage your core in the process. Once in the full plank pose, hold for a count and walk back your hands to the original starting position. Do 10.


Now we have all the exercises for a flat tummy.As usual, exercises have to be mixed. You don’t do a single one to the end. That’s quite dangerous to what your goal is as it can end up yielding no results, alongside other undesirable effects. I recommend doing them thrice a week. That’s safe enough to avoid subjecting tour core muscles to too much task. In case of any complications, quickly check with your doctor. Enjoy the burn!