Eurozapping: In the UK, more and more homeless people are out of town



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Eurozapping: In the UK, the homeless are proliferating outside the cities

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Like every day, the 11pm news takes a spin on the news broadcast by European TV channels. It’s Eurozapping on Friday, March 17th.

In the United Kingdom, the homeless are multiplying in rural areas. The phenomenon no longer affects only cities. The number of homeless people has increased by 24% in one year, and more and more of them are taking refuge in the forest. Frank managed to get out of it: “Every day I wondered what I was going to eat, and how I was going to stay warm in the winter.”

In Spain, mild winters are especially troubling

In Spain winter is under the sign of climate change. The Iberian winter was particularly mild with an average of 7.4 degrees, one temperature warmer than normal. Since the precipitation was not high enough, the drought is worrisome. “If it doesn’t rain, it will be fatal for us“, sums up a Spanish. V.I BelgiumA mother was sentenced to 4 months in prison after slapping her child. “The four-month prison sentence must have been a slap in the face. I find it cruelsays a Belgian woman.


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