Esport – League of Legends – nuc: “I consider I have my place”


Last week, BDS kicked off the Spring Division of the LEC, the EMEA Championship league of legends, with two wins against one loss. Is this a balance sheet that satisfies you?
Elias “nuc” Bizriken (BDS):
The last part, we started on 1-2, so It really is progress. Knowing that these are the first matches, and that you are necessarily more nervous, you have to get used to the scene again, it’s great as a result.

After a rather encouraging winter, what are your goals for it spring split ?
In light of what we show in training, We know we can go faror in the top four or more. After that, we obviously don’t play in official matches as often as we do in training, because of many factors. But we can do a lot better with the latter part, where we finished in the top 5 in the regular season and then the top 7 in the playoffs. I think we could have gone further.

What lessons did you learn from your start to the season? What do you need to become an outstanding team?
We drew a lot of conclusions from our defeat in Bo3 (best of three sets). the first, It was against G2 (future winter winner) And I really think we could have won: we won the first game and the second game, played with small decisions, when we started very well.

And the second game, against the Astralis, I think we should have slaughtered them after winning the first set. The lesson we learned is that we have trust issues. Against Astralis we set up a lot of things, we trained for them, we were confident and we didn’t release them on D-Day, because of the pressure. It shouldn’t happen again.

Do you get yourself into it? Was there any form of stress? against astralis ?
For now, no. I hate Bo1 (one-half match)Because you can lose in one mistake. While Bo3s are something I really enjoy and when I start one I don’t feel pressured, I’m more relaxed and free. I find that over the last time I was very clear… It was a team problem as a team.

without Most anticipated LEC teamHowever, since the beginning of the season, she has managed to score prestigious victories. How do you explain that?
All my team mates are very good Laners, which means that we will start the game well more often. During this off-season, we’ve really focused our efforts on trying to make our turnarounds work mid game and highlight our progress. It’s something we’re still learning about and we’ve really made a lot of progress on that, I think it shows.

You were already in BDS in 2022, but you made many changes this year, notably by incorporating players from the academy (Adam “Adam” Maanan and Theo “Chew” Burrell). Has your role on the team changed?
I’ve been at the LEC since June 2021, but mentally I approach this year as if it was my first. For my first two years, it was very difficult to develop, and the environment was very oppressive. But after that, I don’t think my role has really changed, I just evolved as a person. I always have the role of the player who has to be stable, to make room for me airplane and mine ButlinWho like to fight and aggressive play. My role is to direct my opponent or take the pressure to let my teammates play. It’s a place I really like.

Still feel like you have to prove your place in the league?
With the year and a half before, unconsciously, yes. When you go last, second to last, then last, it really gives you a boost. For Bo1 this year, it was really complicated, because I had a hard time finding myself, due to my bad past experiences. But I take it in Bo3, I was level, even against G2, and I was really looking forward to playing against the top teams at my current level. Now even better, even if I still have zero pressure which I don’t like at all with Bo1s. With what I show in training, I consider that I have my place and I will continue to prove it. »



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