Emmanuel Macron faces a post-retirement reform vacuum


Emmanuel Macron at the Paris Agricultural Show on February 25, 2023.

Images have gone viral of rings of power being traumatized by the “yellow vests”. In Dijon, four models representing Emmanuel Macron, Elizabeth Bourne, Labor Minister Olivier Dusopt and government spokesman Olivier Ferrand were sprayed and then burned on Thursday 16 March. On the same day, in Rennes, the town hall was stoned, and the Lyon town hall was marked. “He killed my father”And Macron is dyingAnd “Power to the people”… In Paris, on the Place de la Concorde, the police fired tear gas in hand, and invaded the front line of the demonstrators. The same scenes on the evening of Friday, March 17th, before the weekend under great tension. In the aftermath of the 49.3 outbreak on pension reform, the Elysee and Matignon could not help but see the political and social repercussions.

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A staggering majority on one side, radical demonstrators on the other… Around the head of state, the atmosphere is one of extreme alertness. Until Friday morning, the Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, instructed the prefects: to supervise the demonstrations, to avoid “overloading” the places, to protect the symbols of the Republic, and to take care to close the sites of the demonstrations. Roads, power outages … The police must also call parliamentarians to see if they need protection. It’s hard to know how it will evolve.sums up the government advisor.

It is also difficult to know whether Emmanuel Macron will find a way out of this political impasse. And if he can abolish a five-year term, its main reform will undoubtedly be adopted with forceps, against public opinion, against trade unions, and without a vote in the National Assembly. According to many of those close to him, the President of the Republic did not do this “No scruples, no regrets”. He didn’t want 49.3 but had to give in to it, they repeated. Face ‘two bad choices’He considered that defeat in the National Assembly would have done more harm than this vertical action. He fully understands that this is a Pyrrhic victory.sums up his entourage. He tried to the end not to use itargues David Amell, vice-regent of the Renaissance in Paris and former chancellor of the Elysée. He chose the country’s interest rather than his own political interest. »

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Prime Minister change?

Leaving his prime minister on top until the vote of censure, Monday 20 March, Mr Macron also knows he must quickly regain control. As of Thursday evening, he and his entourage began to consider speaking at the end of the parliamentary sequence, if the social climate had not deteriorated by then.

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