Elon Musk promises to make Twitter recommendations transparent


The billionaire announced on Friday that Twitter will publish algorithms used to recommend tweets to each user. A transparent approach he has long advocated without putting into practice.

Twitter will unlock all computer code used to recommend tweets on March 31said the unpredictable owner and head of the social network, Elon Musk. “People will discover a lot of silly things, but we will fix the issues as soon as we find them.“, he added.

Open the service black box was one of his stated motives to acquire Twitter last year, just like “PossibleAbout the company and championing a vision of a more absolute freedom of expression.

But his first four months at the helm of the network It was marked above all by waves of mass and sudden layoffsmultiple advertiser leaks, random launch of paid subscription, and technical failures.

“Quick improvements,” Musk hopes

The billionaire explained that Twitter’s recommendation algorithms are complex and not well understood, even within the California group. “Being transparent about the code would be very awkward at first, but it should lead to rapid improvements in the quality of recommendations.He confirmed.We’re developing a simplified approach to highlight the most interesting TweetsHe completed.

A measure of transparency could appease authorities and lawmakers who want to know how the platform operates. Many elected officials, especially Republicans, believe it is biased against them, while human rights NGOs criticize the service, especially under Elon Musk, for not adequately combating misinformation and harassment.

provide code”open sourceIt also means other developers or potential competitors can use it.

So far, no major alternative to Twitter has emerged. Most elected politicians, organizations and personalities still use it for communication. Jack Dorsey, the former head of the network, was a proponent of open source software.



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