Elodie Bouchez: “I feel I was daring to do things at a very young age”


Between Jane Herry’s Socialite and another Letitia Mason film about global warming, her choices resonate with the world. Meeting with a sensitive actress.

play dramas like comedies or genre movies, Elodie Bouchez She can be considered an “unclassifiable actress”. But this multiplicity of records indicates, first of all, that she is a talented actress who is able to take on all roles. find this year Gene Herry (pupil) to I will always see your faces, A social film about restorative justice, offering victims a dialogue with the perpetrators of aggression. Elodie Bouchez plays a volunteer responsible for organizing a meeting between a rape victim (Adèle Exarchopoulos) And his attacker (Raphael Coenard). In parallel, the actress presents the new film by Letitia Masson, winter in summer Where the climate crisis turns the lives of a gallery of characters upside down.

on video, I will always see your faces Written by Jean Hery, with Leila Bakhti, Adele Exarchopoulos, Elodie Bouchez, trailer

Miss Figaro. – Which cinema family do you feel closest to?
Elodie Bouchez. – I don’t really know anymore… I think I belong to the family of cinema that I love as a spectator. So it’s very broad, because I can shoot for Eric Wormsey, and then for Quentin Dubeux, Jean Hery, Olivier Dahan.

How do you see Jane Hyeri?
She is daring, and like subtle people like her, one might think that thought prevails over effect, but Jane is very sensitive. She wanted her film, which shows the importance of reconnecting and reintroducing humanity into our lives, to be released quickly in theaters to reflect the world we live in.

On the set, Jane really accompanies the actors, because every breath, every comma, every word has meaning for her.

Elodie Bouchez

Who is the casting director?
She never gives up! On the set, Jane really accompanies the actors, because every breath, every comma, every word has meaning for her. So mindful of what you’re thinking, she doesn’t give up.

Which partner is Adele Exarchopoulos playing?
Adèle and I have something in common that we shoot him Abdul Latif Kechiche. Without talking about “school”, I would like to say that we know that there is a fairly accessible part of the game that we came up with. In a group, we work in the same way, as good students, meaning we don’t question the principal’s requests and put all our energy into following the directions given.

Adèle Exarchopoulos and Elodie Bouchez in I will always see your faces, by Jane Heary. Photo by Christophe Brachet

Like your character, could you be a restorative justice volunteer?
No, I don’t think so because, as an actress, I’ve already had a problem with not bringing these characters closer together and I’m in a lot of pain. Jane Heri often corrected me so that my sympathy would not translate into affection. These volunteers must be strong enough to accompany victims as well as abusers.

You also play winter in summer by Laetitia Mason. What bond unites you to this director?
Lætitia and I got down to business at the same time. We have been working together on various projects for about ten years: we try things, we go forward, like in a laboratory.

What drew you to it winter in summer?
I loved this ballet of lost lives, with worries about the climate in the background (arctic cold happening on a summer’s day, editor’s note). By assigning me the role of singer, Lætitia pushed me to outdo myself, for I do not like singing at all. Finally, I agreed to play in this film to answer Cedric was Because he’s a director I’ve known for a long time and an actor that I find fascinating.

What kind of environment are you in life?
Even if you try to fight waste local and seasonal consumption, Or less in air travel, I can’t claim to be a certified ecologist. On the other hand, I can count on my 21-year-old son to turn off the water as soon as he turns on the tap.

Translating Vanessa Springora was a bit amazing because I wanted to live up to this woman, her word, her way…

Elodie Bouchez

What are your upcoming projects?
In the cinema I had the opportunity to embody Vanessa Springora in adapting his book approval, Directed by Vanessa Filho. I play her when she got tapped to write her own version of her affair with writer Gabriel Matzneff, when she was just 14. It was my first time playing a contemporary character, and the rehearsal was a bit overwhelming because I wanted to live up to this woman, her word, and her path. I admire the strength she exudes and I enjoyed meeting her for the purposes of the movie. At the end of the show, she left me a message telling me she was very happy with the outcome…

The audience will also find you in two more films …
Yes there is hawaii, A sunny comedy by Melissa Driggerd, with Manu Payet, Bérenice Bejo, Nicolas Duvauchelle … and in waiting for the night A movie by Celine Rosette about vampires.

With all these movie roles, do you miss the stage?
Yes often. After shooting a movie or two, I can’t wait to get back on stage, my fellow directors. I didn’t go to theater school, I was working as a very lonely young actress. I made movies very quickly, while dreaming about public theater. I finally had a chance to taste it thirteen years ago and hope to do many more since then.

Do you feel freer than when you started?
I don’t feel like I’m having more fun or taking more risks than I did when I started, because cinema is a story of encounters and uncertain action. In terms of roles, I’m under the impression that I dared things at a very young age, so at a risk level, I’ve been giving it a go since my debut!

I will always see your faces, By Jean Hery with Elodie Bouchez, Gilles Lellouche, Adele Exarchopoulos, Leila Bakhti… Released March 29th.winter in summer By Letitia Masson, with Elodie Bouchez, Cedric Kahn, Benjamin Beaulay… released this summer.



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