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Dubai: Muhammad Yassin
The Dubai Court of Appeal upheld a ruling by a court of first instance, imprisoning an African woman and two people of the same nationality for 6 months, and deporting them all from the country after serving their sentences, for convicting them of detaining a person after refusing to return 800 dirhams to one of the convicts.
The details of the case go back to last August, when a person of African nationality submitted a report stating that his friend had been detained in an apartment in the Naif area, and according to the reporter’s statement that he had received a call from the victim asking him for 800 dirhams and to bring him the money in a place he told him about.
The whistleblower continued that he arrived at the place and met one of the convicts in the case, who asked him for the sum to leave his friend, so he told him that he did not have what he asked for, so he left the convict and ran to the apartment where he was being held in the same place, so he informed the police.
According to the case file, a team of investigations arrived at the place of the communication, where the whistleblower who directed them to the place of detention of the victim, arrested the convicts, and the victim reported that he responded to the convict’s invitation to come to her residence, where she asked him for the amount he had borrowed from her earlier.
The victim continued that he told the “convicted” lady that he did not have money at the present time, so he was surprised by others detaining him and asking him to contact his friend (the whistleblower) to bring 800 dirhams to let him leave the place, so the police raided the place and arrested the three convicts.
The convict admitted that the victim borrowed the amount from her and delayed his return, so she sought the help of her other convict friends to help her obtain her money from the victim, as she asked the victim to come to her house and he was detained with the help of the convicts.



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