Drôme and Ardèche. Holland tackles Dusspot and Amrane in the Wauquiez Room, high school students turn 49.3 … our “visual and audio” section



Holland, Dusopt and the truth

Request Wednesday, March 14, before 49.3, on socialist pension reform Francois Hollande He addressed, in his own way, the former socialist Ardèche-turned-macronie some years ago: “Mr. Dussopt has a relationship with truth which can sometimes be distant.” He was particularly sarcastic about the “left-wing reform”, which the Minister of Labor praised, while the latter “negotiated with the LRs”. If he should find a response, Olivier Dussopp He could have told him that the former head of state should not have said that.

Imran and Ferusiyeh: an old couple

Olivier Arman (LR), head of the department, gets along well with everyone …


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