Direct – Pensions: The government threatens to confiscate the refinery’s employees in the event of a stoppage


Refineries: Confrontation between government and CGT over strikes and threats of expropriation

Are we heading towards a shortage of diesel and gasoline? For the past few days, CGT representatives from the oil and chemical sector have been waving this threat to make the executive branch bow. “Since March 7, not a drop of fuel has fallen from the Dongis refineryCGT secretary for the venue, Fabien Privé Saint-Lanne, announced on BFMTV on Friday, adding thatThe shortage will be felt quicklySame story with Sebastien Faragnol, CGT representative of the Petronius refinery, in Lavera, southern France: Since Friday afternoon, “connections [de carburant] They are caughtThe trade unionist said, adding that he would like to move towards stopping the installations, starting next Monday.

Attackers on the TotalEnergies platform in Donges, Normandy, on Friday. LOIC VENANCE/AFP

A few days ago, Olivier Mathieu, the representative of the CGT in Bouches-du-Rhône and the candidate to succeed Philippe Martinez, estimated, for his part, that “It’s time to refuel‘, while the social movement risks disrupting the supply chain. Words that left Roland Lescure unmoved: ‘Today, most gas stations in France and Navarre have petrolThe Minister Delegate in charge of Industry reassured FranceInfo, Saturday. “What shocks me above all are the firefighters on fire. We try to create such panic and anxiety that people go get gas and we end up without itThe member denounced the government, targeting, without naming them, the CGT leaders.

Referring to the social conflict last fall, which caused shortages in many stations in France, Roland Lescure warned that the executive would be able to take responsibility in case of difficulties. Employee requests can then be processed, similar to what the government does Decided to the garbage collectors in Paris:”We will not leave 65 million French men and women, and country, taken together, veiled by a few dozen individuals.He confirmed.Don’t panicHe also said.



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