direct. Pension reform: “We have been alerted by the President of the Republic” to the risk of a surplus, says Felipe Martinez


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“No one will be able to tell us or respond that we did not alert the president.” General Secretary of the General Confederation of Workers, Felipe Martinez, responded to europe 1, Saturday, March 18, post Parades held on Friday To demonstrate against pension reform, dozens were arrested in Paris and Lyon. “We have informed the President of the Republic. In a message in which we asked to be received, we mentioned, in black and white, an explosive situation.”, as Philip Martinez stressed. And so he admitted it“On the sidelines of the demonstrations, there are problems,” Noting that the last major moves were organized against the bill “In a good, calm way, with specific slogans against Omar 64.”. Follow our lives.

More than 60 arrests in Paris and 36 in Lyon on Friday evening. in all, A total of 61 people were arrested there on Friday night after a rally on the Place de la Concorde in Paris, according to police headquarters. in Lyon, The province that mentioned a The “ruined town hall”. After breaking down the front door of the building, they managed to get in and then entered “I tried to start a fire.”but “The police intervened quickly and succeeded.” She said turn it off. The incidents led the authority to ban the planned demonstrations in Lyon, starting at noon on Saturday, according to what he reported progress.

After 49.3, mobilization is planned for this weekend. union plan “local neighborhood clusters” This weekend to continue to protest against the unpopular pension reform. For their part, theSNCF unions are demanding “Keep striking” and renewable “to work hard” next Thursday.

Two presentations of censure were made for the overthrow of the government. And this, the day after his decision To use 49.3 To advance a hotly contested pension reform. These suggestions, submitted by the independent group Liot and the RN, should be examined at the assembly on Mondays from 3:30 p.m.


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