Deux Sèvres: the trial of a leader in the “anti-basins”, banning demonstrations


The spokesman for a group opposed to the “basins” in Deux-Sevres was placed under judicial supervision on Friday, after a demonstration that turned violent in October. The province banned a new demonstration, which was scheduled for March 25.

Continue after a A demonstration marred by violence last October in Saint-Sollen (Deux-Sèvres), spokesman for the Bassines non merci group, was placed under judicial supervision on Friday pending his appointment to court on September 8.

The speaker, Julien Loget, was brought before the judge of liberties and arrests at the end of his police custody on Friday and, within the framework of his judicial control, was prevented from going to the communes of Saint-Sauline and Mauzet-sur-le-Mignon, where the next assembly will take place at the end of March.

These two communes are strategic opponents: a “basin” already in operation in Mauzé-sur-le-Mignon and another under construction in Sainte-Soline.

See you on September 8th

Five months after the violent Saint-Sullen demonstration, Julien Le Gué was taken into police custody on Friday morning by the gendarmerie “as part of a The investigation was opened following the movement of October 29 and 30, 2022He points to a parquet floor in Niort.

Then the investigative judge summoned him to court on September 8. But even then, due to his judicial control, the spokesperson will not be able to participate in all demonstrations of opponents of the “basins”, Disputed water reserves for agricultural irrigation.

The demonstration of March 25 next Friday has also been banned by the Prefecture of Deux-Sevres. The previous meeting, at the end of October, brought together several thousand people and gave rise to it Clashes with law enforcementAs well as the deterioration of irrigation facilities.

‘Terrorizing protesters’

Justice, the spokesman for the “Basin no mercy” group, accuses the organizer of these gatherings with the Peasant Union and the environmental movement of the Land Uprisings, of the facts of “participation in a group formed with the aim of preparing acts of violence against persons, destruction or damage to property.”

Five people have been arrested for similar incidents during the October 29 demonstration in Saint-Sollen. On 28 November, the Niort Criminal Court gave them suspended sentences of between two and three months.

Julien Legais estimated that “the Prefecture, in agreement and with the complicity of the Public Prosecutor, launched operations aimed at” very clearly intimidating demonstrators “.

“I, I take it as a wide encouragement that we will be tens of thousands on the 24th, 25th, 26th of March,” he let out to the applause of a hundred people.

Accused “crimes” and “threats” committed

“This is not an intimidation, it is a response to the crimes he has been accused of and the threats he has made,” Newer public prosecutor Julian Wattable told AFP.

The judge said, “Summons to appear with tools to commit harm is a crime.”

The Attorney General also specified that the “investigations” relating to Mr. Lu Jie “were continued and concluded”.

Sixteen water tanks with a capacity of several hundred thousand cubic meters will be built in Deux-Sèvres. developed by a A group of 400 farmers supported by ETAR, This project aims to provide water for irrigation during the summer, thanks to the pumping of surface groundwater in the winter, in exchange for environmental obligations. Its critics denounce the “water appropriation” intended for the “agro-industry”.


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