What is detox water and how you can use detox water recipes for weight loss. Well, Water is a substance that is widely recommended by our doctors and health experts no matter which season we are in.

With eight glasses of water as a recommended quantity of water that an individual should take in a day for the basic metabolic process, sometimes we find it boring and unable to bear even half of the quantity recommended by us.

By adding ingredients into your pure water, you can transform your water into Detox water which adds flavor and changes its color which one is able to consume all along the day or spring season without challenges or getting bored.

What’s Detox Water

Detox Water is realized from infusing pure water with few ingredients such as vegetables, herbs, fruits and spices and letting the mix to soak in a more than two hours timeline and preferably under the refrigerator. For an excellent taste, nutritious and flavor, soak the combination for a long time than two hours with the main ingredient being water.

Importance Of Detox Water

With the main benefit of Detox water being weight loss, it comes along with numerous benefits to the consumer with the following most beneficial;

· For ladies, it smoothens your skin, beautifying it, makes your nails sexier and your hair more attractive and for me, the drink makes them smooth with light skin.

· The drinks also help in digestion process since it plays an important role in food movement along the track system.

· To those that mostly indulge in energy requiring activities, the drink helps in recovering from such workout.

· Toxin has become another form of oxygen since we consume it at a high rate, but with applying the drink into your system one is able to flush the toxin from the body system making one more healthier.

· As pure water, Detox will also help in boosting body metabolic process having in mind that water was the main ingredient and not the added few ingredients.

· Are you always getting moody, then here is the solution to you, try Detox Water and recommend it to others.

Classic Cucumber Water

Cucumber water, this is the mother of all. It was initial infused water recipe at the Day Spa and Health Clubs. Just to mention its role, it contains manganese, vitamin C, and beta-carotene. It has characteristics that maintain the body alkaline and also acts as diuretic thus helps in eliminating the toxins within the body system. Its recipe is,

· 1 medium cucumber

· Cleaned and peeled (This depends on interest)

· 2 glasses of water

· A inches of 4 slices of cucumber

What should be done?

· Take two glasses of water in a clean jug

· Add cleaned and peeled of a inches of 4 slices into the jug

· Store in a fridge and leave it to soak for a minimum of two hours

Strawberry, Mint, and Lemon Detox Drink

With its delicious sweetness of strawberry, it has become the most known detox water ingredient drink. With cooling, the favor of the mint ingredient makes it more balanced with the tartness taste of the lemon. Its recipe is;

· 6 strawberries halved

· 1 lemon sliced

· 5 leaves of mint

The drink also helps flush out toxin from the body and shed relatively few pound of weight.

Lemon And Ginger

Biologically lemon contains high amount of vitamin C element and this helps in the digestion process of the body and getting rid of toxin from the body. With both having weight loss characteristics, they make a good combination for body loss when taken regularly. Ingredients include; grated ginger and a sliced lemon.

Apple And Cinnamon

With its ability to control sugar level in the body, cinnamon combined with apple that is high in pectin forms a good weight loser drink. Its ingredient is; sliced a apples and 1 stick of cinnamon.

Watermelon And Mint

For liver and kidney filtering, watermelon contains citrulline that helps in flushing toxins. Ingredients include; 8 mints of leaves and 1 cup of sliced watermelon.

Lemon Lime And Mint

The fruits are rich in vitamin C and help in boosting the immune system and the mint helps in addition to the flavor and taste. Ingredients include; 8 leaves of mint, a sliced lime, and a slice lemon.

Orange And Blueberry

The combination is loaded with vitamin C properties that will help you boost your immune system. The recipe is a sliced orange and 1/3 cup of blueberry.

Raspberry And Lime

This is a detox drink that booms when raspberry is in season. It majorly helps in regular bowel movements that greatly influence weight loss. The recipe is; a sliced lime and 1/3 cup of raspberry.

Pineapple, Cucumber, And Mint

For digestion improvement and cleansing of the colon, pineapple produces bromelain as a solution. Recipe is; 1/3 cup of pineapple, 1/3 cup of cucumber and 8 leaves of mint

Peach And Mint

Peach is one of those fruits with low sugar and can decrease the potential of obesity related diseases. Ingredients include; a sliced peach and 8 leaves of mint.

Lemon And Cherries

Cherries are more affordable at their season, summer. Ingredients include; a sliced lemon and 4 leaves of cherries.

Pomegranates And Mint

Pomegranates make a powerful antioxidant drink though it requires stock up when it is in its season. Ingredients include; 10 mints of leaves and a cup of pomegranates seeds.


Detox drinks have proven to be helpful weight loss and should it is recommendable for obesity cases.