Delphine Mancini and Emily Sonfico in the round of 16 in the world


Three French women competed in the round of 16 of the World Championships, Saturday in New Delhi (India). Delphine Mancini (-54 kg) defeated Dominican Stefani Almanzar de Leon with points, 4 judges to 1. In the next round, on Monday, she will face Russia’s Karina Tazabekova. As for Emily Sonfico (-66kg), she is very mobile, won 3-2 over Italy’s Angela Carini and will face Puerto Rico’s Stefanie Pinheiro on Tuesday. On the other hand, the skinny Rim Panama (-48 kg) lost 0-5 to the powerful Mongolian Atlansitig Lotsaikan.

For the rest of Sunday’s round of 16, Wassila Lakhediri (-50kg) will face Japan’s Tsukimi Namiki and Amina Zidani (-57kg) Russia’s Lyudmila Vorontsova (RUS). As for the leader of the Blues, Estelle Moseley (-60kg), she will oppose only Colombian Ange Valdez on Tuesday.



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