“Deleting 111 childbirth sections means organizing a desertification of the presentation presented to pregnant women.”


sPosted on February 28th with the title “Planning perinatal policy in France: organizing the continuity of care is a necessity and an emergency”, a Medical Academy report Provides that this layout “It should be based on further reduction in the number of births.”

However, over the past thirty years, some improvements have taken place in this field after the catastrophe of the medical deserts and the massive closure of two-thirds of maternity wards, although the poor results of France compared to its European neighbors are noted.

The report claims to believe in communicating vessels, and asserts that only type 2 and 3 maternity, respectively, are suitable for medium-risk and high-risk pregnancies, “It can accommodate the most complex pathways of care as well as most physiological health pathways by enhancing human resources and at the expense of architectural adaptations that allow the coexistence of different levels of care.”

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It would be sufficient to integrate 111 Type 1 maternity wards, said to be low risk, the most “physiological”, With motherhood of type 2 and 3, in order to avoid, the report notes, the caricature of L“baby factories” which is often targeted Large structures are saturated and therefore not welcome.”

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Suffice it to say that it is a matter of doing harm to the remedy, by always defending the same solution that does not work, with the same analysis and the same view of the situation. If we have to talk about numbers, in 2021 the French capital has 452 maternity wards, including 170 type 1, 222 type 2 and 60 type III.

But rest assured, “Desert perinatal” Advertised, still, according to the Academy of Medicine report, by “Developing hotel and hospital structures Where women are accommodated while waiting to give birth, or even, but this is not said, they are turned on.

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What a dissolution for a pregnant woman and her family! Instead of proposing to reopen more welcoming motherhood, to strengthen birthing centers whose development is still hampered, to finally create independent physiological units, and to organize coordinated care to allow home births, in high demand and practice in other European countries for a long time, the report proposes as a measure ” Lighthouse ” For the abolition of maternity wards of the first kind. because, “Architectural limitations, especially those of medical and paramedical personnel, make it an illusion to support an activity of fewer than 1,000 births.”

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