Corentin Horeau won Les Sables d’Olonne from the Solo Maître CoQ


The first of five events on the Circuit of Figaro counting for the 2023 French Elite Tour Championship, Solo Maître CoQ was won Saturday at Les Sables d’Olonne by Corentin Horeau (33).

The “Mutuelle Bleue” captain won thanks to his victory in the big race (340 miles), in 2d4h42′, ahead of Alexis Loison (“Réel Groupe »at 10’8″) and Elodie Bonavus (“Queguiner-La Vie” rosyat 20’49”).

“Before I got angry, now I manage to stay calm and clear.”

After Solitaire last year (Thirteenth)I needed my confidence back and that was the case in this race. Seas reaction. I think it’s my best performance in Figaro 3. Before, I used to get angry, and now I manage to stay calm and clear. I didn’t watch the others so much, I really tried to keep my feelings in check, Continue. Now, we’ll have to manage to repeat performances like this through the rest of the season and maintain the same state of mind. »



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