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Coexistence is growing.
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Since confinement and working remotely, coloring has seen exponential growth. A new way of life, but also a thriving new market for property professionals.

In Villeurbanne (Rhone), they are currently three on a coffee break, but they will soon be 12 years old to live in this large house that has just opened. In the kitchen are two ovens, two refrigerators, and even two toasters. Here, everything is planned to provide comfort and encounters to the residents. “Living alone is not my preferred lifestyle, so it is the most convenient way for me to have a social life that can expand quickly.”says Geoffroy Bigwassel, one of his roommates.

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Shared housing is in high demand in Lyon, as in other major cities in France, and it is becoming a real estate market in its own right. “Here was a medical office that we completely converted into coloring.”explains Gauthier Saul, president of the joint site. They provide a new habitat every four months on average and are bursting with demand. Same note in a real estate agency. And the trend should not weaken: according to professionals, The number of beds in the coloring in France in three by 2025.


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