‘Coals’ turned to ashes for 5 reasons, SRK gave one special piece of advice to Hrithik’s father, the director disagreed and then…


Mumbai. Dubbed the ‘King’ of Bollywood, SRK has made his fortune in the world of cinema at one point in time. Shah Rukh’s presence in the film was seen as a guarantee of its success. But in 1997, when Rakesh Roshan’s movie ‘Koyla’ flopped at the box office, everyone was surprised. Madhuri Dixit was paired with Shahrukh Khan in the film and had actors like Amrish Puri as the villain. Still why didn’t this movie work? Let’s say 5 reasons behind this…

The movie “Koyla” was released on 18 April 1997. The idea of ​​this film’s story was on Rakesh Roshan and he directed it. In the movie, Shah Rukh played the role of the stupid servant ‘Shankar’. This big movie failed on the big screen for many reasons.

1. This movie was a remake of the 1990 Hollywood movie ‘Revenge’. Fans of SRK went to the theaters under his name, but the content-seeking audience was less inclined towards this movie.

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2. SRK and Madhuri’s love story is not shown properly in this movie. Romance King’s style was well liked by the audience at that time but there was nothing like that in this movie. On the other hand, when Madhuri and Shah Rukh were seen chatting together on “Dil To Pagal Hai”, the audience gave her a lot of love.

3. One of the movie’s hit songs was “Hosh na kho de kahin josh mein dekhne wala…” Shahrukh broke his leg during the shoot, which led to the filming being halted. Since Shahrukh took time to recover, Rakesh told Roshan that like Amitabh Bachchan got injured during ‘Kolli’, the reel was stopped there and he was said to have been injured during that scene. He asked to do the same in “Coal”. But Rakesh did not agree and because of this distance also came between SRK. Also because of this, it took a long time to start the movie again and then the movie was finished in a hurry.


4. Sunny Deol was the first choice for the lead film actor. Sunny refused the film due to dates. Then this role went to Shahrukh Khan, but the action scenes depicted on him were not liked by the audience. The choice of the main character proved to be a mistake for Rakesh.

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5. “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge” was released on October 20, 1995 before the release of “Koyla”. In this blockbuster, the boyish image of Shah Rukh had made a place in people’s minds. In such a situation, the audience was not happy to see Shah Rukh’s stupid personality and actions.

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