When we maximize the volume of the work we do within a very short period of the time in our training session, we are circuit-training our bodies. Circuit training has innumerable benefits. It offers you maximum results within a very short time, challenges your whole body, increases your endurance power, elevates your metabolism rate, and does a myriad other great changes to your body.

Beginners should adopt this training routine to catalyze their body’s development into fitness. They’ll also be able save the little time always available. Another thing I love with this training routine is the fact that it’s flexible. You can always start small and advance your way up as you get stronger. Those were must-know facts. Let’s now get down to the 7 best circuit training exercises for amateurs.

NOTE: Make sure that you do all the number of reps of each and every exercise described below within the shortest time possible. I recommend that you do each rep for 30 seconds, take a 10-seconds rest, and do the next rep. You can take 30 seconds rest between each exercise.

1. Press-ups.

Set yourself up in the plank position. Lock your core by contracting it inwards. Make sure that your head, glutes, and hells are kept in a straight line. Now lower your body towards the floor until your chest is just an inch from the ground.

Quickly drive back up until your hands are fully extended. That’s just a single rep. Quickly complete 5, take a 10 seconds rest, do another 5 until you are exhausted. Rest for the next 30 seconds and go to the next exercise.

2. Ball Squats.

This needs that you have an exercise ball with you. Place it between your back and a wall, squatting with your feet a hip-width apart. Keep your trunk straight and your abs tucked in. Next, walk out your feet to lean against the exercise ball.

Now bend tour knees and go down low until your knees form a right angle, or as low as you can hold. Lastly, pressing against your heels, stand up and go down again. Keep repeating the process until you get exhausted. Take a 10-second rest. Do three more reps. Rest for 30 seconds.

3. Overhead Triceps Extensions.

Start with your feet a hip distance apart. Hold a dumbbell, or something as heavy as your capacity with two hands over your head. Bend tour elbows behind your head. Straighten your elbows so that the weight in your hands is over the head again.

Lower the weight again behind your head. Keep doing it for 10 reps as fast as possible, take only a 30-seconds rest, and move to the next exercise.

4. Squats With Front Kick.

Start by standing while your feet are kept together. Next, while the left leg is kept firmly on the ground, bring up your right knee and then extend the right leg into a front kick. In that posture, lower down into a low squat, as low as you can manage.

Get up and repeat, this time kicking to the front with the left leg. Keep repeating for up to 2 minutes. Take a rest for 30 seconds.

5. Elbow Plank.

On the ground, rest your body on your knees and forearms. Step out your feet into the plank position, one at a time. Try to maintain your spine parallel to the floor. Contract your abs inwards. Hold for around 30 seconds. Rest again for 30 seconds.

6. Side-to-side Jump.

Position something small, like a resistance band, on the floor to act as a marker over which you’ll jump. Stand on the left side of this resistance band and jump onto the right side.

Land softly without hurting your knees. Jump again to the right. That represents one rep. Do the same for as long as a minute. If using both feet proves difficult, use one, but keep alternating with the other one.

7. Do Running Intervals.

Run at about 20% less your full speed. Do it for a whole minute, take a 30-second rest, and run again four more times. If you feel that’s having quite a low impact, find a gently sloping hill. This is one of the greatest ways to take cardio to the next level.

Bottom Line.

You now have them! The best you can always do for yourself is to endure and complete the exercises on a regular basis.

Good luck!