Champaran East: Girls Went To Patna To Raise Flag In Khelo India Cycling Find Out What Government Requirement


Reporting by Nakul Kumar

East Champaran. Khelo India has become very effective in promoting rural talent in the field of sports. However, sports-related talents in rural areas still face a lot of difficulties due to lack of resources.

Despite this, the girls’ spirits are high. Also last month at the Khelo India Games held in Jharkhand, the girls of East Champaran gave an impressive performance in various disciplines. Now again the girls have left here to play in the Khelo India Women’s Road Cycling League Match which will be held in Patna under the supervision of the Indian Cycling Federation.

from your city (East Champaran)

East Champaran

13 players were selected

13 players from the East Champaran Cycling Association are participating in the match. The players in the team are Baby, Jyoti, Gudiya, Shweta, Sibi, Mukta, Binita, Appy, Anjali, Priyanshu, Srishti-one, Srishti-two and Siya. Before leaving for Patna, all the players were encouraged by Dr. Atul Kumar, President of the District Cycling Federation. Federation Secretary Siddharth Verma said that the competition will be held in three categories, junior, junior and senior.

The girls are working hard to win the gold medal

Grade 8 student Srishti Kumari, who won the silver in the state game and the gold in the region, said she was in the top ten in India’s equine. Demanding the Bihar government for a professional course, he said that his father’s financial situation did not make him able to afford an expensive professional racing course. On the other hand, state silver medalist Anjali Kumari said she is a class 12 student. She has been training two to three hours daily for the Khelo India match which will be held in Patna.

The kid won the gold medal last month

Bibi Kumari, the gold medalist at the Khelo India Games held in Jharkhand last month, said she is a first-year B-Com student. Take time out from studying and practice in the morning. This time a lot of preparations have also been made for the Khelo India match to be played in Patna.

It is also expected that gold will be brought from here. It may be known that Motihari’s child won a cash prize of 10-10 lakhs for getting first place in two different events in the competition organized in Jharkhand.

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