California: Amazing landslides near coastal homes


Large landslides led to the evacuation of homes in various coastal areas of California, in the wake of heavy rains and storms that hit this US state.

the Heavy rain hits california Recent days have caused widespread landslides, including some homes near mountainous areas by the sea on Thursday. In various provinces, the ground collapsed, causing residents to evacuate.

in Southern California, severe weather It caused a landslide in San Clemente, up a hill and near the houses. Pictures show a swimming pool at the edge of the void, and the buildings are barely preserved.

Residents evacuated

Due to the instability of the land in the aftermath of these landslides, the residents had to flee their homes on the hills overlooking the sea, not knowing when they would be able to return to their homes.

“The earth keeps moving (…) so the structures are always in danger,” he noted Thursday during a news conference, citing San Clemente Mayor Chris Duncan, before Watchman.

The National Weather Service also said more heavy rain could hit Southern California early next week. Watchman. According to the newspaper, 35 out of 58 provinces are now under the declaration of a state of emergency.

In this Southern California city, the ocean is relentlessly gaining ground. In front of the railway bridge where the “Pacific Surfliner” passes, this train famous for its exceptional panorama, and the beach that stretched more than a hundred meters evaporated a few years ago.

Without this natural barrier, waves from Tropical Storm Kay moved the land beneath the tracks. The track, which carries 8.3 million passengers a year between San Diego and San Luis Obispo, is now closed for emergency work.

Nine storms in three weeks in California

In addition to these landslides, Trees fall And the floods, after the recent string of storms to hit California, have spared nothing either for the residents of the mountainous region of Boulder Creek, already bruised by a wildfire two years ago.

The US state has been hit by nine consecutive storms in the space of three weeks. And they dumped torrential rain in the mountains around Boulder Creek, seven times higher than the average for the month of January, according to official data.

The 2020 fires, which spilled onto the ground weakened by the 2020 fire, increased the risk of vegetation mudslides.

A crater in La Habra reopened on Wednesday night, which was actually opened in 2019 and has been closed ever since. NBCLA. According to the series, this large hole would be about meters deep. Then the residents reported that they heard the “earthquake sound” of the local media.

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