Bush du Rhone. One man was shot dead in Marseille and another seriously wounded


A 22-year-old man was shot dead and another 63-year-old seriously injured Friday evening in a district north of Marseille, I learned.France Press agency From police sources and from marine firefighters. “The incidents took place at 7.45 pm in the northern districts of Marseille,” a police source told AFP.France Press agency.

When the firefighters arrived at Simon Bolivar Street, in the 15th arrondis*****t, a 22-year-old man made “several bullet holes,” according to the same source.

It added that “the caliber may refer to a Kalashnikov-type weapon,” adding that the victim’s identity was still “unidentified.”

In cardiac and respiratory arrest, the emergency physician “declared him dead,” the Navy Firefighters V.D. determinedFrance Press agency.

They added that another 63-year-old man, who was a “collateral victim”, had, in particular, sustained abdominal injuries and was hospitalized with an important diagnosis. The judicial police were arrested in the investigation.


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