So what are these burn fat workouts that you can do it easily. How do you feel when all you have to do is to ignite something (especially some task) and let it proceed all by itself? Good? I guess YES is your answer. You want to lose some fat through performing relevant workouts. All the stories you have heard about claim that you have to do a lot of difficult task, and as if that is not enough, they also claim that you have to do them for some great duration. That is a myth! Assume it. Just read on…

Losing fat is a matter of burning those fats. Burning fat can continue even long after the person doing the workout has left performing an exercise. That must be good news. All you have to do is the RIGHT exercise, plus following all the instructions that accompanies the exercise. Below, I have such exercises. 10 of them! Exercises that have all the power to keep your body in the process of burning fat for 24 hours, even of you only did the exercise for 4 minutes! Surprised? Lets take a look at them. Here we go.

1. Polymeric Lunge

Stand with your left foot in front of you. Let both feet point forward. Now lunge forward with your torso, taking care not to round your spine. Jump up straight as you extend your torso while you swing your arms overhead. Slowly land back to your original position. Do 3 sets, each of 10 reps per side.

2. Pushups

A pushup is a very good exercise that works almost every part of your body. Your chest, abs and shoulders are just a few parts targeted by a pushup for fat burning.

Do the pushups for a minute and rest for 15 seconds before you embark on it again. You should be able to do it for 4 minutes, taking a rest after each minute. That is one set. Remember that after completion of these four minutes, your body fat will remain burning till after the end of 24 hours!

3. V-ups

Lie face-up and stretch your arms overhead. Maintain the feet together and your toes pointed. As you still maintain your feet together, raise them off the floor, as you also raise the upper part of your body simultaneously. Tighten your core in the process. Try to reach your toes sing both your hands. In a slow motion, lower yourself back to the original starting pose. Repeat until you can take it no more.

4. Jumping Jacks

Stand with feet together, hands kept at sides. Jump up, just enough to spread tour legs while you simultaneously raise up your arms above your head. No pausing. Do it until you complete two minutes. Pause now and do another rep, and another up to when you can’t take anymore.

5. Clock Lunges

Stand a hip width apart, hands on hips. Now lunge forward using your left foot. Go low until your left knee forms a right angle. Slowly return to the original pose again. Next, take a big step out using your left leg. Bend that left leg such that there’s a 90 degree angle at your hip an at your knee too. Again, return to standing. Now, lunge to the back, using your left leg. In this position, lower again and this time, let both your knees (left and right) form a 90-degree angle. If you again return to the original standing position, you complete one rep. Aim for 10 for each side.

Throughout the exercise, your knees should never do pastvtour toes. Your neck should also always line with your spine. You can also use a dumbells to do it harder.

6. Sumo Squat

Stand with feet quite wider apart than the shoulder width, toes slightly turned out. Hold two dumbells in each hand, just in front of your hips. Now push your hips back and squat as you keep your chest up and you knees out. Slowly bring the weights low to the floor and in between your legs. Stand up again to the position you started off from. Repeat severally.

7. Alternating Side Lunge

Start with standing a hip width apart. Step out to the side with your left leg, bending the left knee as you push back your hips. Return to the position you started and now push the right leg to the side to complete the exercise for the right too. Alternate the legs till you complete a full set. Kindly do this one under a coach.

8. The Dumbells Curl To Press

This is another workout that will not go easy on those fats. Take a look. You need a pair of dumbells.

Hold the pair of dumbells on each hand and stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart. Maintaining your hands in a neutral pose, curl both the dumbells up to get to your shoulders. Now, from that position, press the dumbells straight overhead again until your hands stretch to maximum. That’s only the upward move.

Slowly lower the dumbells to the shoulder position and finally curl them downwards to the starting pose again. During the whole process, you should brace your core and keep tour spine flat. Aim for a minute. Take a 15-second rest thereafter. Get back to it again until you complete 4 minutes.

9. Jogging

Jogging is a very good cardiovascular exercise that works all your body. You have to do it for quite a long distance, even if you are a beginner. The more you proceed, the more you add the distance. I prefer that you do jogging on some inclined ground. That will see you burn fat properly. As well, you should do it DAILY as it doesn’t prove so difficult and that goes without a say.

10. Burpee+Tuck Jump

Start by standing up tall, feet hip width apart. Jump into the air then lower down into the plank pose. Jump in your feet immediately to get into the crouching position. Then, jump into the air again as you bring in your knees to your elbows. Land softly on your feet to complete one rep. Do 10 such reps.


So we have gone through best burn fat workouts that you can take an advantage of and I expect that your arsenal should already be having things like dumbells and an exercise kit… Immediately embark on these workouts as per all their instructions and you will see the results for yourself.