Blues on the hunt in South Africa


Woof championship. When the second round was halted on Friday evening due to a strong wind, Julien Brun single-handedly led the dance (-8). On Saturday morning, the second round concluded with A.J Grab Christian Johansen (-11) by three strokes ahead of Tricolor, his only runner-up. After a short break, the players returned to the arcade in the afternoon but the third round was not completed, this time due to the night. It will resume tomorrow morning (around 7:30 am French time).

At the time of the cut-out in the Eastern Cap Christian Johansen was still leading (played 13 holes) but he shared it with fellow Englishman Matthew Baldwin (-11). The duo were ahead of three players (at -9) including two who had finished their third round (Daniel Brown and Jost Lutin) while Jans Dantorp attacked on the 14th as the night raged.

The French are in a good position

As for the blues, the group shot promises a very fun Sunday. After a disastrous first lap (+4), Jeong-Won Ko found his bearings on the second (-6) and third (-5) laps. Here he is in seventh (-7) and leader of the group ahead of Julien Brun (-6, stops at 13), David Raveto (-6, at 15) and Antoine Rosner (-6, at 16), who are also in the top 10. Matthew Pavon follows closely (-4, in 16). Alexander Levy (+3 in the third round, +1 in the aggregate) and especially Robin Siot-Segrist, who exploded (+9 in the third round, +8 in the aggregate), are much less rich. But it is not easy to find your rhythm between the wind, the night and the interruptions. The most mental voices raise the trophy on Sunday.



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