Are you looking for best fat burning workouts that can help you quickly and Is running your pet hate? Don’t worry, not all of us are made to run. Running is sometimes daunting and could even move a mile further to create some unnecessary and dangerous pressure on your ankles, knees and even feet.

I’m not going to demonize it more than that. I sometimes also do pound the ground and it helps me get flexible, stronger and lose some weight as well. Running is a good cardiovascular exercise that helps us burn fat, just the way I sometimes use it to do so. You have probably been using it too for burning fat alongside other relevant reasons. I’m not against that. But you know what?

There are other exercises that will help you lose fat much more than running. This should not come as a surprise since it is obvious that running helps you lose fat, but not at the best pave you may need. Use these 10 alternative exercises to burn more fat faster than running. For those who hate running, this is a golden chance.

1. Jumping Ropes

When I talk of this, you may think of kids first. Jumping ropes is a very effective way of losing fats. It is commonly used by athletes for cardiovascular health. It has the ability of taking 10 calories off your body in just a minute! Moreover, it helps to strengthen your arms, legs and butt as well.

2. Burpees

This is a full body exercise. It will strengthen almost the whole of your body and help you get flexible. In just a couple of weeks, you will be able to lose a substantial amount of fats. Don’t consider the fact that doing it might be difficult. No venture, no gain of course. Embark on it now!

3. Natallie Portman Workout

Natallie Portsman is the guy who this exercise is named after. It was only after he used this workout to train in a movie dubbed “The Black Swan” that the workout went viral and was later found to be so much effective in burning fat. It only takes 10 minutes to complete. That is a sure way to lose fats when you are running out of time. Isn’t it?

4. Rock Climbing

Another great fat-burning exercise that features in my list. Rock climbing doesn’t only mean thay you must be somewhere close to a mountain. No. There are also indoor gyms that have the rock climbing. The good news is that even if you are a beginner, or an expert you also find where you fit. Without a say, it also helps climbers sharpen their skills.

5. Rowing

With rowing, you will engage your arms and legs all the time to ensure you are always on the move. In fact, someone just watching may see it like something simple but I van assure you it is only deceiving the eyes. Actually, you feel that burn on your body and I think that makes you surer that you are doing something to the fats.

6. Dancing

Dancing is enjoyable. So? You will lose fats and still remain surprised how. You can decide to visit some club or just do it indoors. Not only will you burn the fata but also get away with some dance moves for the club.

7. Swimming

It looks simple if you are watching. Once in the water, you realise it requires a lot of energy to move an inch. Look at the physique of most swimmers, don’t you admire? Personally I do.

8. Sandbag Workout

You don’t even need to ask how it looks like. The name has it. You use sandbags for the exercise. You can do it in many ways. Whether you choose to lift it over your shoulder or simply hold it in place, blah blah blah… Look into giving it a try pals.

9. Fat Tire Biking

This one will not go easy on those fats in your body. The fat tire provides a lot of resistance to movement and as a result, you have to use an extra energy to propel that bike. To my surprise, it proves to be able to burn double the amount of calories running burns in a minute. 25 calories sounds sinfully much!

10. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

You will be surprises at the unique moves of this exercise that targets almost everywhere on your body. It helps us burn 7 calories every 60 seconds. That’s a great deal of course. Don’t leave it out in your schedule.


So we have finished best fat burning workouts that you should focus on. Don’t ask yourself more questions. Get going. Give these 10 a try too and you are going to feel pleased with what you wanted to achieve. Good luck!