Benefits of Yoga: Relieve leg pain by practicing Swastik asana


Bilaspur (Representative of Naidonia). Practice Swastik Asana to get rid of leg pain in the world of running. This practice relieves pain. Yoga experts say that Swastik asana transmits positive energy in the body. It is used as a treatment for depression patients.

This was a better way to stay healthy during the Corona period. With this a person can get out of anxiety. Students are advised to do Swastik Asana during exams. To do this exercise, first of all, sit on the floor and bend both legs and hold them between the thighs and calves in such a way that their claws go inside the knees.

Now put both hands on the knees and straighten the whole body. Keep in mind that the knees must be attached to the floor. Besides, the thigh and waist should remain straight. By doing this every day for 20 minutes, the feet will stay warm even in winter. If you do it in the summer, there will be no sweating of the feet. Constipation is removed by the action of the swastika and increases the power of digestion.

Through the action of the swastika, one can relieve pain in the feet. By doing this system every day, the smell of sweat also goes away. By doing this asana, your physical and mental problems will disappear. Helps maintain the right balance of body and mind.

Swastikasana also helps a lot in treating air diseases. If done properly, it helps reduce back pain. People who suffer from sciatica problem should not do this. If there is any problem related to spine then don’t do this asana.

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