Bac 2023 and strikes: Delays, more moderators for specialty exams will be allowed


The forceful passage of pension reform by the government has enraged some unions, particularly teachers’ unions, who then threaten the unions’ good performance. Specialist teaching exams To be held at the beginning of the week. This is the first time these events have been held in March, after two years of harassment by Covid, they are now in Teachers’ unions threaten good performance on these tests.

“Our organization has submitted a strike notice for a demonstration on Thursday, March 23rd, and we also call on our members to mobilize until that date, including for Baccalaureate examsSophie Venetitae of Snes-FSU explained to us, the majority union is in the second division.

Trick or real threat: the idea seems more to express morale and intimidate the government. No teacher wants to take students hostage, but the Minister of National Education and Youth, Babe Ndiaye, decided to reassure baccalaureate candidates and prepare for all possibilities, especially if transportation problems, in addition to a shortage Staff, are to intimidate students.

Actions announced by the Minister

In a press release issued on Friday at 7 p.m., the minister announced three measures to reassure students:

  • Additional moderators will be mobilized to handle any strikers during the three event days.
  • Candidates who are delayed due to transport strikes: Candidates can continue working after the official end of the examination “Exam time adjustments will be organized” (same time for all).
  • In the event of a blockage, access to examination centers will be given “Arrangements will be made to allow candidates access to examination centers jointly with the provinces” (appeal to the police).

These specialized exams account for 32% of the students’ mark, but also for Parcoursup profile and selective training after the baccalaureate, Double challenge this year. Thus, the Minister prefers to be reassured, having requested two days of preparation for these exams at the beginning of the week, and Pap Ndiaye thus confirms his interest in these exams so that they may finally be conducted under good conditions: by mitigating any possibility. to help you stay zen to prepare for exams; And have a good weekend to continue to work in peace.

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