At Séries Mania 2023, Greek salad whets the appetites of festival-goers


The annual high mass in Lille begins on a colorful note. A welcome lightness before tackling the heavier part of the programme.

After the pink carpet of the Cannes Series, the beige carpet of the Oscars, it’s the turn of obsession series To display her color with a purple carpet, just to stand out and refresh the traditional red carpet image. A choice of color that contrasts with those of the brick facades of Hauts-de-France and that signals the eccentricity of its manager Laurence Herszberg, whose flamboyant outfit matches her model for the late Queen Elisabeth II, who offers a perfect embodiment in a laughing parody. the crown that went viral on social media.

Audrey Floro surrounded by her partners from HPI and Lawrence Herzberg Castle Frank

The purple carpet, the lights, the Photo Call unprecedented in its size… Spectators, festival-goers and journalists struggled to make their way as the crowd of performers was so dense. A glowing muse of the French audiovisual scene, Audrey Fleureau, in a blue flower-studded outfit, ignited the applause meter. Lisa Joy, Chair of the International Competition Jury, to whom we jointly owe her husband Jonathan Nolan, V westworld Based on peripheralsin black. the handsome Iberian, Augustin Galeana, whose almost “hairless” arrival made the Assembly shudder. Filipina Leroy Beaulieu wears a subtly embellished black and blue tuxedo (it depends) on her chain Emily in Paris .

Brian Cox and his wife Nicole Ansari who showed his support for Iranian women. abaca

Young and enthusiastic cast Greek salad a long-awaited sequel to Cédric Klapisch’s epic, opened it Spanish hostel. Not forgetting the patriarch Succession And Brian Cox, who made a strong impression by coming to Lille, not by private jet as his character used to do, but by TGV like everyone else. His flamboyant demeanor and Scottish dress contrast with the forest of gray and black silhouettes of the assembly held in the Great Hall of the New Century.

Daphne Burke, Mistress of Ceremonies Castle Frank

Daphne Bourque pushed the color palette even further, landing on stage, wearing cream pants with oversized checks and a double-breasted yellow satin suit jacket. But everything worked out fine. The ceremony, which was brief at first, opened with a great scene from the credits to a fashionable series by Jean-Christophe Afferty. In the basics program mad menAnd game of thronesAnd Weird thingsAnd some recovery HighlanderAnd Helen and the boysAnd Bowler hat and leather boots. The appetizers were musical.

A sequel, far more official, was undoubtedly inevitable. We joke about the president of the region, Xavier Bertrand, and the mayor of Lille, Martin Aubry, the initiators and supporters of the festival from the very beginning. Personalities d’esprit on selected guests. Jokes as an occasional “brixian” from the lady of ceremonies about the adventures of Émilie and her daggers in Paris clogged with growling and angry protesters. Honoring creation in general and women in particular. Endless thanks. Receiving the jury of the international competition…

Between deep boredom and great poetry, then. But to feel how much this event is loved by all, by those who created it as well as by those who have followed it all these years. The Mania series, however exotic its wardrobe may be, has become one of the unmissable events in the creation of French, European and international series. In addition to the French – some co-productions – Greek salad (Prime Video), Henny (France TVs), beauty (art), On probation (art), abyss (France TVs), So far, so good (Netflix) or God drops (Apple TV + / France Télévisions), we will see really Greek acts, but also Pakistani, Iranian, Israeli, Norwegian, English, American …

word about Greek salad finally. The world premiere of the first two episodes of what should be considered the fourth installment of the tetralogy delighted audiences, and this portrait of a sister and brother (children of Xavier and Wendy) of opposing convictions, in perpetual existential squabbles enchanted. She is an anti-capitalist activist who helps refugees. He believes in the emerging nation. But the unexpected inheritance of a dilapidated building in the heart of Athens will plunge them into a multilingual gathering befitting their parents. Welcome laughs before starting the hard part of a program of anxiety, dominated by climate change, women in their 80s and 90s.



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