At a concert at the Accor Arena, an alarm bell is interrupted by Juliette Armanier


Juliette Armani in concert at the 38thH Edition by Victoires de la Musique, in February 2023. Bertrand Jay

The end of the French singer’s show disrupted “technical accident”. Despite the confusion, the evening was able to resume and end without further incident.

The stupor only lasted a few minutes. Three, to be exact. Friday evening, the end of the concert held by the artist in Paris Juliette Armanettein a room Accor Arena Took an unexpected turn with a fire alarm going off around 10:30pm. The alarm resounded powerfully in the perimeter of Percy’s multi-sports mansion, compounded almost immediately by an automatic announcement calling on spectators to vacate the site. “because of an accident”. Then the party ceased to be It is broadcast on Canal + where it was broadcast live. As the crowd on the site was able to perceive this, it was just a false alarm.

The performance was finally resumed in less than five minutes, while some of the annoyed spectators donned their jackets again and already began heading for the emergency exits, under the re-lit auditorium lights. Accor Arena management confirmed “technical accident”, Late in the evening. “Several fire detection heads were fired and took with them a message to evacuate the room.”The group said in a statement.

Returning to the stage under a pink light, Juliette Armani preferred to laugh at this complicated situation and ask vodka Huge, please, on stage.” “It’s so good, it was my worst nightmaresaid the singer to her still large fans. I spent last night thinking “What’s going to happen? I’m going to break my leg, I’m going to forget my words, I’m going to grab my tendons wrong…” And actually, there was that! translator Another disco day In the end, he thanked his fans for their continued presence. “Thank you, because it’s legendary!”. Not broadcast after the show went off the air, but was picked up by the Canal+ teams, The End of the Concert will be available on the My Canal service. Along with the rest of the show, of course.



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