Arina Sabalenka on Russian and Belarusian athletes: ‘None of us did anything wrong’


“I feel abandoned by the WTA”He said on Friday On our Ukrainian website Lesia Tsurenko. A few days ago, she lost before facing Belarusian Aryna Sabalenka in Indian Wells. The player explained that she had a panic attack After discussion with Steve Simon, the head of the organization, who was concerned about the tennis world’s response to her invasion. Asked at a press conference on Friday, Sabalenka gave her view of the situation.

“No one can control other people’s feelings. Yes, of course, there is a lot of tension between us. I am still convinced that I did nothing wrong towards the Ukrainians. Neither I, nor the Russian athletes, nor the Belarusian athletes, none of us did anything wrong. Some of us even try to help but Not saying it publicly.explained the person who just qualified For the WTA 1000 California final.

“I think Tsurenko’s package was more than a panic attack or a political posturing”

Hesitating about what to say next, she insisted, continuing her reasoning: “I’ve been through a lot of hard things, unfortunately I can’t really say that, who would believe the girl from Belarus? About his coachI’ve been through hell too, and I get that… Maybe I should stop talking. I think Tsurenko’s deal was more than a panic attack or a political posturing. I had a really tough time last year with his coach, compared to the way he behaves with me. So I think this guy put a lot of pressure on him and that explains what happened. »

She ended her remarks on the role the WTA could play in managing tensions: “She is doing her best. What can they do? No one is in control of this situation. We are all trying to keep as calm as possible in the dressing room and make it clear that it is not our fault, that we all understand Ukrainians and that we really feel sorry for them.”



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