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Madeleine invites you to rediscover these moments in history, when Queen Elisabeth, a fervent francophone enthusiast, came to Paris to meet all the French presidents, from Vincent Auriol to Emmanuel Macron.

By choosing to make his first state visit to Paris, Charles III is continuing a tradition laid down by his mother. In love with Paris, fiercely francophone, Queen Elizabeth II He always took advantage of his official residence to visit a museum or discover a legendary area in the capital. Throughout her 70-year reign, she met all of the Chiefs of the FourthH and V.H Republic from Vincent Auriol to Emmanuel Macron.
Madeline invites you to rediscover these historical moments, starting from the three days of 1957, from 8 to 11 April, when they were hailed by the public, offered simplicity summed up by the press as follows: “ She is better than her sovereign Paris welcomes her, she is a friend This short trip featured a ballet at the Paris Opera, a picnic on the Seine, a gala dinner at the Louvre, and fireworks on the Alexandre III Pont.

Some photos from the INA Elizabeth II in the company of the French Presidents

In May 1972, Georges Pompidou continued this tradition after an equestrian show by the Cadre Noir de Saumur and the Republican Guard, on the Champ-de-Mars. Passionate about horse riding and horse racing, she took the opportunity to spend a few hours at Longchamp Racecourse. In 1992 she visited the Bagatelle Gardens, in the heart of the Bois de Boulogne, the Parc de la Villette, the Pyramid of the Louvre, and the Manet room at the Musée d’Orsay. On this occasion, François Mitterrand and Jacques Chirac, then mayor of Paris, became his guides for a day.

In April 2004, after she came to celebrate the centenary of Kurdish deaths between the United Kingdom and France, she walked quietly down Montorgueil in Les Halles, before reaching the Arc de Triomphe to contemplate the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Finally, in June 2014, at the time of the 70thH On the anniversary of her landing in Normandy, she paid one last visit to a place she assured she never tired of.

Television added these images to images of his coronation on June 2, 1953. One hundred million people followed the ceremony in Westminster Abbey, all over the world. In France, the event was the first: the audience, which until then had not exceeded 30,000 spectators, tripled in a few days. In the weeks leading up to and after the coronation, sales exceeded 5,000 televisions per day.

Less known is the first stay in the capital of the still princess. It is dated May 1948, from the fourteenth to the seventeenth to be exact. Six months after her marriage to Philip Mountbatten, she decided to play the tourist in Paris. During this unofficial trip, she visited the Musée Gallera and spent the afternoon wandering the Île de la Cité in a flower market that now bears her name. She dined one evening at the Elysée, at the invitation of Vincent Auriol, but also treated herself to a meal for two at the Tour d’Argent, where she was welcomed by Claude Tirail, master of the place.

In a nightclub, she attended a concert by Edith Piaf, who did not fail to congratulate her, before going to a nightclub on rue Pierre Charon where the Jazz Orchestra was conducted by Henri Salvador the Full Future. He is not singing yet Business is health A motto the Queen could have made for herself.



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