Animal activists demonstrate Saturday in Paris “in defense of rats”


A mouse, avenue Rivoli in Paris, December 2016. Philip Lopez/AFP

In the midst of the garbage collectors’ strike and against the backdrop of the fear of a health crisis in Paris, this is what is happening by the association “Paris Zoopolis Animals” which aims to raise awareness among passers-by against the methods of exterminating rats.

In terms of timing, I’m not sure about picking the moment perfectly…but Paris Animals Zoopolis co-founder Amandine Sanvisens swears that date has nothing to do with Garbage collectors strike, which these days presents to the residents of the capital the daily spectacle of tattered rubbish bins on the sidewalks as the mice of Paris come to spend the day in the fields. “We submitted our application to the police headquarters long before the garbage collectors’ strike, it has nothing to do with it.», she says to Parisian which announces the holding of an event organized by the Animal Lovers’ Association for “Mice defenseThis Saturday at 1:30 pm, Place Saint-Sulpice. The event was He implicitly confirmed on Twitter By the association that has not yet communicated about this.

During this gathering, activists hear “Lift the silhouettes of mice to change the way we look at themand giving speeches while opening a giant poster. Since 2018 the association has been embroiled in a political battle over the issue of eliminating rodents considered harmful: Paris Animals calls for Zoopolis to stop its deadly rat control methods, particularly those using anticoagulants.

in ParisianAmandine Sanvisens still declares that she wants toPlace the rat on the table“And he defies the mayor of Paris in the hope of obtaining the formation of a working group to defend the interests of”Incredibly intelligent, social and even laughing, these animals have amazing powers of empathy“.

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Rat, a threat to health

The issue of the spread of rats in large cities, in particular due to climate change, is increasingly appearing in discussions. City officials have also taken a stand against rat extermination methods, such as Douchka Markovic, a Paris councilor under the Animalist party banner, that grabbed the headlines calls themNorway ratIn order to rid species of negative prejudices against them. “And she argues, we must change the paradigm, and we must ask ourselves about new methods that are effective and non-lethal. We need to ask ourselves about the Norway rats and their ways of living, to get to know them better in order to find effective and ethical ways.She made the announcement in particular at the full meeting of the Paris Council. The remarks were repeated last week on BFMTV.

While supporters of the animal cause privately question the health risks posed by rats (which have more populations than Paris), However, the Academy of Medicine has taken a clear stance In favor of “Strong killing campaignsAnd he indicated in a fatwa issued in July 2022 that “The rat continues to pose a threat to human health due to many zoonotic diseases transmitted through ectoparasites, droppings, bites or scratches.“.

Mice, through their droppings and urine, are also capable of spreading bacteria such as Campylobacter or Clostridium, which are widely implicated in thousands of cases of food poisoning in the city. A study conducted by the Town Hall in the 17th arrondis*****t in 2020 in sensitive sites (schools, nurseries, building halls and gardens open to the public) showed that 30% of rodents carry diseases that can infect humans.Transcribed by Toxicologist Romain Lasure in included in Figaro last December.

This is not the only fight Paris Animals Zoopolis campaigns in, in particular To ban pony riding in parksor who are still getting it this week End of the show Snakes in the Moulin Rouge cabaret.



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