Alpine Skiing – World Cup. Marco Odermatt wins the final tournament, breaking Hermann Mayer’s record


Imperial Like his season, Marco Odermatt beat the final giant during the Solio Finals on Saturday. Another success for the Swiss who broke the legendary record of 2,000 points set by Hermann Mayer in a single season. Pinturault finished 8th.

Legendary mark odermat ! After leaving no suspense he dominated the first half with a second, Marco odermat Continue to fly over this World Cup by beating the finals giant soldeo This Saturday, two days after it starred on super g. In his final season start, Odermatt also flew over the second round, taking down his first pursuers by more than two seconds.

If the world of specialization is already emphasized to the Swiss, the 2000-point course in general (register held by Hermann Mayer) It was the goal of the day. The 2042 points and goal were largely achieved by winning in style over this final giant of the season.

Another success this season for the World Cup leader who thus equals the men’s record by achieving a season with 13 victories. (Single Ingmar stenmarkHermann Mayer and Marcel hercher own it Do).

Note the return of Norway’s Henrik Kristoffersen who finished second on the day (+2’11). Austrian Marco Schwarz completes the podium in third place (+2’29).

frustration to Alexis Pintorault. After performing 2H At the time of the first half, the skier from Courchevel missed the second run. He finished seventh in the.

Disappointment for Albanian Elise Canavrina who was chasing a best time in 2H how much. Courchevel’s licensed Isérois were thrown off the track at the start of its passage and did not finish the race. Al-Sakan graves could not be content with a good performance except in the first half (21H time, +3’91) in his World Cup debut.

Odermatt leads the first half with a second advantage over Pinturault, 2nd

very favorite of the day, Marco Adermatt He was again on time for the occasion The first round of the giant soldeo finals is this Saturday morning. Super-G winner earlier in the week, The Swiss are already sure to win back the second globe from the major. So the whole challenge for the day is to aim for over 2000 points overall (must be at least 3rd after the 12pm 2nd round to achieve this). By setting the reference time more than a second in advance, the man of the season has made a good start, composing more than effective first runs on an already distinguished track in Andorra. The suspense is total for round two of the season’s final behemoth.

Behind the catch, we find Alexis Pinturault. The defending champion in Soldeu was content with a good first run and set the second fastest time (+1’09). Very confident in recent weeks including Podium two in Kranjska Gora, The skater from Courchevel was able to finish well, especially on the second wall.

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Good first Canavrina

A surprise on the third time side of the morning, with a lovely performance by Norway’s Alexander Steen Olsen who slipped to 1’12 from the reference time. Lukas Brathen and Loic Millard set 4th (+1’14) and 5th (+1’61) respectively in this first round.

On the other hand, the first round was shyer for Henrik Kristoffersen (eighth) who is 1’70.

The second and last French player in the race, Albanian Elise Canavrina scored a well-placed 21st (+3’91) in his first World Cup start.

Feedback after the first round

Alexis Pintorault (second time, first round): “Satisfactory first run, as the light changed a bit. I don’t skate the first wall very well, I was fooled by several moves on the ground that I can’t see. Suddenly I’m not up to my best speed for the first lap. From behind, the rest is pretty good. I think I’m having a good run, and it wasn’t It’s easy to start at the front. The snow was a little lighter on top and the bottom was better.”

Alban Elise Canavrina (21 times in the first round): “It went well, I’m happy. I was able to get things right in terms of realms and free myself more. There were some flaws, especially with the mounting at the top, which cost me dearly. But I skied and really felt like myself. I’ve never had a clear first run, so I would do that today too.I’d like to win the second run honestly,trying to produce the same ski as the first with fewer errors.The progression in the standings doesn’t depend on me but on others,I’ll just try to do the skiing.Making this World Cup final shows there’s still a way to go It’s a long way to go after participating in the World Championships. Because we can still see the gaps even if the ground moves. There is snow in which I have to progress, that’s for sure. But it’s motivating, I really want to go back to training this summer to progress.”


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