Alana Pandey hosts a grand post-nuptial reception, and celebrates the wedding with cake and champagne


Alana wedding video: Bollywood actress Ananya Pandey’s sister, Ananya Pandey’s cousin, and social media influencer Alana Pandey have linked up. Alana has been traditionally married to her longtime boyfriend Ivor McRae in Mumbai. Many Bollywood celebrities also made it to the big day for this couple. At the same time, all the photos and videos from Alana and Ivor’s pre-nuptial celebration are now circulating online. Amid all this, the inside video of newlyweds Alana and Ivor’s wedding also came to light.

An internal video of Alana and Ivor’s welcome has emerged
Alana and Ivor throw a grand post-marriage ceremony in Hindu rituals. During this, the newlyweds celebrate their marriage intensely. Alana and Ivor entered the place holding hands. Alana looked so pretty in a sparkly silver top and high slit skirt. She left her hair open and completed her look with a necklace. While Ivor was wearing a white shirt with a jacket and black pants and looked elegant in it.

Alana and Ivor celebrate the wedding with a champagne cake
In the interior video of Alana and Ivor’s reception, the newlywed couple is seen celebrating their nuptials with champagne. In another clip, both of them are also seen cutting a 5-tiered cake. In another photo, Alana is seen lovingly hugging her husband, Ivor.

Gave Ivor’ at the receptiondance dance dance performance
Meanwhile, during the reception, Alana’s fiancé Ivor won a special dance performance to “Nacho Nacho,” the Indian version of the Oscar-winning song “Natu Natu” from the movie “RRR.” During this, Ivor is seen doing the song’s move. At the same time, Ahaan Pandey also gave a great performance on Shahrukh Khan’s song I’m the Best.

Alana Pandey is Chunky Pandey’s niece.
Alana is the daughter of Chikki Pandey, brother of Bollywood actor Chunky Pandey. Alana is a model and social media influencer. While Alana Ivor’s husband was a photographer and videographer. Alana and Ivor get engaged in November 2021. Ivor proposes to her in the Maldives and the couple finally gets married.

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