“Agent Elvis” on Netflix: This animated series is on King


Elvis Presley, a secret agent acting, between two concerts, for a shadowy government corporation, handing out punches and machine gun bursts during operations as he saves the world from zombie infestations or delirious psychopaths? From this absolutely insane basic premise begins the animated series “Agent Elvis,” whose 10 episodes were released worldwide on Friday, March 17th on Netflix. We’re a long way off, here, from the spirit of Baz Luhrmann’s recent biopic “Elvis”.. Although… the whole thing turned out to be so insane that it caused a stir on social networks shortly after it was put online.

So the action begins at the beginning of the 70s, when the king was installed in Las Vegas, but in the fictional story he is not stuck there by his manager, Colonel Parker, who, moreover, does not appear in the story. He gives concerts, meets his fans, nurses his newborn Lisa Marie, and his wife, Priscilla. Elvis, fatherly loving but crazy, lives surrounded by a court (and that was indeed the case), composed among others of a chimpanzee and his best friend Bobby Ray. A mysterious spy agency is going to recruit him, a little reluctantly, for top-secret missions.

From Hippie Zombies to Richard Nixon

Missions where he will encounter fictional characters, such as hippie zombies, monsters or mad scientists, but also real ones, such as Richard Nixon, Charles Manson, Howard Hughes or Skater, the chimpanzee who was adopted by the singer and actor here as a sex lover obsessed with drugs, alcohol and luxury. During his battles, King’s flashes focus on events during his childhood during which he could actually have been trained by the same government agency that employs him, training him in hand-to-hand combat techniques, including karate, hence his legendary feats!

All these events – the series imposes a frantic pace – are held in an offbeat and sometimes violent humorous tone, close to the spirit of Quentin Tarantino’s films, and the episodes are interspersed with the hero’s songs and songs of other stars of the time. . As for the graphics signed by Sony Picture Animation, the studio that specifically produces “Spider-Man: New Generation,” “Agent Elvis” gives a comics and graphic novel style, with images split in all directions on the screen. . And the fact that this creation constantly mixes fantasy and reality contributes to the success of the whole.

The king’s widow describes her character

that it Priscilla Presley who created the series alongside musician John Eddy and screenwriter Mike Arnold. The 77-year-old widow of the king voices her own character in the episodes, which also feature the couple’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley died on January 12th, shortly after his birth, which is very touching. For other votes, we are entitled to heavy. Matthew McConaughey, Oscar for Best Actor for “Dallas Buyers Club,” Elvis doubles down on a babbling Texan accent, which is both shockingly unshocked and slightly funny. Other big names in American cinema have recurring or short-lived roles, such as Don Cheadle, Caitlin Olson, Christina Hendricks, and Simon Pegg.

A production as fun as it is insane, provided you have an open mind to all the possible transgressions that this famous hero and his entourage could possibly have, “Agent Elvis” once again puts the star and his family under the news spotlight of the series since becoming Riley Keough, daughter of Lisa Marie. The granddaughter of Priscilla and Elvis, she currently shines as an actress and singer in the same rock divisions “Daisy Jones And The Six” is now streaming on Prime Video.

The reality of the clan is less cheery: Since Lisa Marie’s death, he’s torn about Elvis’ legacy, and Riley and his grandmother no longer speak to each other except through lawyers. It can be fixed thanks to the Netflix series: Priscilla honors her deceased daughter by dedicating the entire first episode of “Agent Elvis” in the last second of the story to the memory of Lisa Marie …

Editor’s note:

Elvis cop », Animated series Priscilla Beaulieu Presley, John Eddy and Mike Arnold (2023), with voices in the original version of Matthew McConaughey, Priscilla Presley, Don Cheadle, Christina Hendricks, Kaitlyn Oslon … 10 episodes from 25 to 30 minutes. on Netflix.


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