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With a deadly triple, which coincided with the final whistle, the Dallas Mavericks snatched a thrilling victory from the Los Angeles Lakers 111-110, in the American Professional Basketball League “NBA”, while Cameroonian Joel Embiid led the Philadelphia Seventy Sixers to their seventh victory in a row.

The Lakers were closest to achieving victory, when star Kyrie Irving, who scored 38 points, launched a final attack for Dallas, passing a difficult long ball to German winger Maxi Kleber, to fire a shot from a difficult position that imposed a terrible silence on the field.

In the absence of his Slovenian star Luka Doncic, Dallas advanced by 14 points before returning to zero, with Anthony Davis emerging under the basket and scoring for the Lakers 26 points and 10 rebounds.

And in the absence of legendary Lakers star LeBron James, who was injured in his ankle, Davis was able to decide, but he scored a free throw out of two with six seconds remaining.

And with its second consecutive loss, the Lakers are ranked tenth in the Western Region (34 wins and 37 losses), the latter authorized to play the qualifying playoffs to the playoffs, under the threat of the eleventh Utah Jazz (33-36), while they can thank the Houston Rockets, the bottom runners-up, for their third successive victory. Over New Orleans Pelicans XII (33-37), with a score of 114-112.

For his part, the Mavericks (36-35) rose to sixth place in the Western Region, at the expense of the defending champion Golden State Warriors (36-35), whose fragile defense exposed him to a loss at the Atlanta Hawks 119-127, where he scored 25 points for the winner, Tray Young.

And without the suspended Draymond Green, the Warriors suffered their tenth consecutive loss outside their bases, despite 31 points from distributed star Stephen Curry.

And whether his team suffers from a psychological problem, coach Steve Kerr said, “No, we play well, but it is difficult to win away from home in this league. We can’t. However, we took our chances in the last two minutes.

“These guys are fighting,” he added, optimistic. I trust them and I think the end result will be positive for this group. We must move forward.”

Behind the defending champion, there is the Minnesota Timberwolves (35-36), who lived a difficult evening in Chicago, where the Bulls emerged victorious after extension twice, 139-131, after the early injury of player Anthony Edwards.

And if the French anchor Rudi Goubert played one of his best matches this season with Minnesota, recording 21 points and 19 rebounds, Demar de Roseanne on the opposite side made the difference by scoring 49 points and 14 rebounds in 52 minutes.

Empid is consuming

In the eastern region, anchor player Joel Embiid planted 38 points, which contributed to the great victory of the Philadelphia Seventy Sixers over its host Charlotte Hornets 121-82.

The Cameroonian giants, nominated for the best player award in the league, averaged 35 points per game in March. This month, they did not score less than 31 points in eight games.

“We have the offensive and defensive requirements, everyone did their job… and tonight we did it as a team,” said the owner of 13 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 defensive interceptions.

In turn, his coach, Doc Rivers, said, “It is nice to finish the match and the players are in good health. It cannot be guaranteed every night, but what can be guaranteed is that we are ready to appear.”

Philadelphia, the third in the eastern region (47-22), is trying to clamp down on the second Boston Celtics (49-22), who easily defeated the Portland Trail Blazers 126-112, thanks to its stars Jason Tatum (34 points and 12 rebounds) and Gaylen Brown (27 points), in a confrontation Another star, Damian Lillard, who scored 41 points, is not enough to spare his team from losing.



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