What is a weight loss body cleanse? Well, first you’ve to know a little bit about how the body cleanses itself to understand this. We have many organs that help our body cleanse. These include the liver, kidneys, bowels, skin through sweat and our nose through breathing out bad gasses from our lungs.

So when your body is cleansing or detoxifying essentially what it is doing is trying to get rid of toxins that we take in on a daily basis through food that is not clean, dirty water and the air that we breathe. Maybe you are taking medication daily, or maybe your job entails you working with different toxic chemicals.

In this article, We are going to focus on 3 Day Weight Loss Cleanse plan that you can easily follow for best weight loss results.

The 3 Day Weight Loss Cleanse is a program that works in phases. The purpose of this plan is to cleanse all organs and is considered as the most thorough detox regimen there is. Phase one is all about cleansing the liver, and phase two is cleaning the colon. Each phase comes with certain diet restrictions designed to cleanse the target organs.

Liver Cleanse

Your liver is one of the extremely vital organs in your entire body. It is responsible for many different functions, one being the burning of fat. Without a healthy liver. There is nothing to help your body get rid of this extra body fat, and in turn, gets stored inside the body.

If you do a quality liver cleanse, your liver will start to work as its supposed too. This will be the first time to exercise and eat healthy foods. You do not need any special diet plans. There are some easy ways to help you get rid of the extra body fat, and get to the weight you desire.

First, you will need to stop consuming foods which are destroying your liver. This would be Sodas and Especially Diet Sodas, Fast Food and White Bread.

Second, you’ll need to find yourself a high-quality liver cleanse and stick with it. Do not worry; they are simple to do.

Third, while doing the cleanse, you will need to be exercising. Having healthy foods, and drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day. Doing this has produced awesome results for everyone I have recommended it too. It works, and it is simple to do. Additionally, a healthy liver is vital to burning off the excess weight!

Colon Cleansing

Colon is a part of the body that executes the process of digestion. When it gets clogged with the toxins, the body starts collecting waste materials like fecal matter & undigested food. On an average, our body has 15 to 20 pounds of the undigested food stuck up in the crevices of the intestines.

Here are some tips on colon cleansing that can help you lose 1 pound in three days: Drink lots of water, say ten glasses per day, Stick to fiber-rich food that is raw fruits & vegetables, Eat a lot of lean proteins and take antioxidant juices like blueberries and acai berries.


After this cleansing plan, all seven channels of elimination will be open, and body will stop storing fat and toxins. When you have at least two bowel movements a day, weight loss is almost guaranteed. Of cause, you will need to make some dietary changes and exercise – but, everything else will be done by the body’s natural detoxification mechanism.