A 3 day detox diet plan commitment is all you need to improve your skin, lose some weight and boost your energy through detoxification. You need to get rid of the toxins accumulated in your body, giving it a fresh start. These toxins hinder the body from burning fats thus leading to weight issues, which of course, is everybody’s greatest fear.

All you need is a simple, bearable 3-day detox diet plan, and commitment from you. Commitment is all that will see you through in this three days.

Kick-off on a 3-Day Detox Diet

Remember that this is not a starvation diet. It is just a diet to give your body a break from the usual meals. If possible you can start off with a 24 hour fast in which drinks such as lemon water and matcha green tea are advised. In case of pregnancy, it is crucial that you consult your health expert before embarking on this journey.

A Clean Breakfast

Coffee is sweet but unfortunately, you will have to avoid it during these three days. Green tea and other nurturing types of tea are advisable. Try blueberry and spinach protein smoothie or any concoctions of fruit and vegetable juices. In case you can’t do without coffee then black coffee is allowed. Don’t limit yourself if you are used to a heavy breakfast, try topping up with egg whites and sodium free seasoning.


Avoid processed foods and sugar and most importantly, heavy foods such as red meat and grains. Focus on vegetables such as carrot and coriander soup, spinach, red onions, sushi salad and also high protein foods such as turkey, lean meat, cod and salmon. You can cook them however you want to but don’t deep fry the protein foods.


Try low carbohydrate vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, peppers or squash. Activated almonds, potassium balanced soup, and chia seed pudding are also advisable. You can choose from your favorites.

Detox Drinks

Lemon water burst helps in minimizing headaches and boosts energy levels during this detoxification period. Chamomile tea helps calm the body and gives you a restful sleep. A deep sleep is important since it helps the body digest excess stress hormones which can cause weight gain.

A cup of hot water and lemon uprising is also effective in detoxification. There are more herbal detox teas in addition to chamomile tea which include; dandelion root, nettle and licorice root. Potassium drinks are important because they alkalize the body blood therefore keeping away bad bacteria, fungi and yeast. This reduces craving effect for some foods.

Drinking a lot of water is very important since you need to sweat out all the toxins in your body. Hydrating your body reduces bloating and clears the skin.


Pushing through these three days was not easy but the good news is that it is done! You just got rid of toxins which could have been there for years. The challenge is worth it only if the results are successful.

Detoxing your body is a great decision to make if you are health conscious. A hot bath in the evening and soaking your feet in Epsom salts also helps release toxins from the body.